11 Simple Ways to Reward Loyal Customers (AND MAKE SURE THEY KEEP BUYING!)

Customer Loyalty and Retention Tips for Retailers

Customer retention for retailers can make-or-break your bottom line. Here are some easy and affordable tips for making your customers want to keep returning to your business. It does take a little bit of effort, but remember, a small gesture can go a long way. How does this tie into our system you might ask? Counterpoint POS systems have powerful marketing tools, automated customer loyalty, and gift card program to ensure a loyal customer base.
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1. Offer Special Attention to Loyal Customers

This tactic requires a bit more leg work but will definitely retain your many loyal customers returning to your shop (while maintaining your costs down). You’re likely currently monitoring what your customers are buying, and this might look meaningless, but it’s all about what you do with these records. Your POS system does a terrific job of tracking monitoring sales and your inventory, but did you ever think of taking that data and using client loyalty and appreciation to enhance?
To for this info to be used by you for several, it’s worth it’s time! Three to half a year every, at what your many faithful customers are buying take a look and mark that information within their profile in your POS. For example: If a customer faithfully purchases the exact same wine, offer a reduction on a jar of her favorite to her. She might jump at the provide, even when it wasn’t on her shopping list. She nonetheless appreciate the touch if she doesn’t.

2. Offer Extra Focus to your Not-So-Faithful Customers

There are constantly going to be clients who drop by your store several occasions and seem to fall off the face of the earth. Many probably, it’s no Thing you’ve completed, but you nevertheless desire their business , right?
Thus how do you get right back these clients into your store?
Attempt delivering a “We Miss You” card with a coupon code to clients. They’ll come running, if they plan on returning! Only ensure that your signal comes with an expiry date to help create a sense of urgency.

3. A Simple Gesture Goes a Long Way

Sometimes it’s the lowest gestures that produce the largest variation. The most inexpensive strategy to reveal customers admiration — and keep your brand well-liked — is to constantly practice excellent customer support. Be sure you don’t disregard the little evening-to-day expressions.
Actions like greeting customers when they are walking, and go out (also if empty handed), create an inviting feeling that customers will detect. Additionally, don’t your investment skill of dialogue!
You likely became a retailer partly due to your own love of men and women. Therefore do n’t overlook to take period from your busy day, slowdown, and make small talk with you customers. You might be amazed by what you learn about the expectations as well as your clients they have.
This form of information certainly will provide ideas about how to best handle your shop going ahead to you and could be invaluable to your business. In retail, it’s the little things which are going to set you apart.

4. Speaking of Personalizing…Use your Brand!

Many people appreciate the recognition of the particular evening, also if you aren’t one of those individuals that celebrate their birthday all month long. For growing older, reward your customers!
This may come in the type of discounts, awesome swag that assists further manufacturer your company, or (based on revenue information out of your POS) your customers’ favorite products.
It is possible to offer your compensations in the sort of experiences, should you would like to get somewhat creative. If you’re a coffee shop proprietor, prize loyal clients using a coffee tasting. If you’re a shop owner, supply your client having a customized wardrobe consultation.
As mentioned before, ensure that you include an expiration date to create an expression of urgency — within two or one months in their birthday is typical. By much the finest part about rewarding clients with an encounter is that it’s going to get them right back into your shop. Who knows, they could even invest slightly more cash thanks to consult or that free test you just supplied!

5. Give Them A Rain Check

Although this theory might seem a bit old, but here’s about the way to give new life to it! Traditionally a rain-check is an admission provided for use when a sports or outside event is interrupted or delayed on account of rain. But additionally, it may be a fantastic way to persuade clients — who strolled away emptyhanded because you were out of their desired thing — to offer your stores a second attempt.
There’s some ways in which you can move concerning this. If your customer didn’t find what these were searching for, obtain their email (in case you don’t already have it) and offer to email them when the product is straight back in your store, or even send it to them directly. The biggest thing is always to maybe not permit an issue with your stock keep you from making a sale. In case the customer isn’t interested in either of these options, this is where a coupon comes in handy.
The coupon will provide them with a similar item of their option or a price reduction for that particular thing. It’s of stating a style. The coupon incentivizes them to return and purchase their favorite thing.

6. An Image Is Worth One Thousand Words

Everyone else, including your uncle (and maybe actually your gran), is on social press as of late. So why not indulge a number of customers of being well-known within their fantasies!
Encourage customers to to publish about merchandise or your business on their societal channels for a chance to be highlighted on yours. You repost, and re-tweet, may regram your customer posts that are favourite to show them your understanding.
Because doesn’t everyone else — in another or one way — desire to be Instagram famous?

7. Guidance and Skillful Tips are Priceless

Understanding is strength and some of the finest gems of wisdom are free. So prize your customers with emails offering expert advice to them they can really use.
Are you really a sneaker shop? Share hints about how to greatest t-AKE care of your own shoes. A clothing store? Give tips on how best to get rid of stains from fabrics that are fine.
Or maybe you’re a coffee shop owner? Provide guidance on how best to store coffees to maintain them fresh longer. The crucial is always to individualize your hints and tricks which means that your customers sense engaged and more committed to your shop.

8. Share Local Goods

This appreciation suggestion that is next is good for your wallet, customers, and companies that are nearby. It’s a “you scuff my right back and ll scuff yours opportunity that is ”.
Perhaps you’re a doggie daycare that does dog-grooming, but you realize The Poodle that is Posh down the road does. Attain out to them when they’d be interested in discussing certificate or a special code with you and see.
Next time customers choose their pooches up, let them know you are partnering with Posh to to create them the greatest service possible. Either give the code immediately to them when they spend, or connect it for their invoice that is next. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Only make sure you aren’t marketing any of your competitors!

9. It’s All About The Package

We confess, the tablature for packaging (based how customized your orders get) can reach your own wallet pretty difficult. This is actually the time, nonetheless, to snag a site out of the huge box play Book.
There’s a reason that shops such as Victoria’s Secret and Sephora help it become a point as they do to bundle your buys as attractively; it makes it sense more like a present than just an everyday lipstick. Making your own personal custom packaging will not just delight your clients’ senses, but will also construct your business name.

10. Begin a Program

Enabling your web visitors to work with a customer loyalty benefits program. NCR Counterpoint allows patrons to earn rewards factors by purchasing at other retailers that are engaging and your store.
Clients can then redeem these factors for buys that are future. That which we love about Counterpoint Customer Loyalty is it incorporates together with your POS info allowing information that is valuable to collect on your own web visitors. You’ll understand exactly what your most loyal clients purchase and exactly how much they spend.

11. Give a Free Gift

Move treat customers and excessive stock by repurposing unsold items as gifts that are free. You know that edible puppy shampoo that never sold in your Foot Shop?
We know you don’t enjoy to mention inventory orders that might not have eliminated as intended, but the truth is the fact that you ordered it and you need to move it! Therefore why don’t you move extra stock and boost sales pleasing clients?
Contain these bottles of shampoo in the shopping-bag of consumers who spend over a certain sum. Also though it’s some thing they might perhaps not have bought themselves, they and may find a new product they truly love and they’ll appreciate the motion!
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