Shopify and NCR Counterpoint Integration SyncApp by POS Highway

Sync Products, Sales, Inventory, and Customers

Unify your Shopify store and Counterpoint POS system with POS Highway’s SyncApp. No time-consuming double entries, human input errors, just automation!

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Boost Your Sales with Shopify Integration

Our sync app automatically updates data between your Counterpoint and Shopify online shop, including products, sales, inventory, customers. and more.

  • Centralize online & retail stores operation
  • Consolidate inventory management
  • Don’t allow stock-out affect sales
  • Organize your reports and analyses
  • Introduce loyalty points and gift cards

Bi-directional Sync

Our SyncApp enables a two-way data sync that keeps orders, customers, products, and inventory records consistent between Shopify and Counterpoint POS.

De-duplication Included

For a true bi-directional synchronization, we have de-duplication controls in place to prevent duplicate records being created from the sync.

Affordable Pricing

Our solutions will not cost you an arm and a leg like many other integration developers! Call us for a free quote.

Benefits of Shopify and Counterpoint POS Integration
Synced Systems

All catalog information for your websites such as item information, images, videos, prices, and quantities, are exported directly from NCR Counterpoint inventory to your eCommerce website.

Synced Modifications

Any product additions or modifications from your point of sale system will refresh on your website automatically, such as prices and descriptions.

Synced Sales Tickets

Send completed sales tickets to NCR Counterpoint POS where the product is decremented (or deducted) from inventory and the consumer is added as a shopper in your POS system.

Marketing Apps

All customer data and order history is also synced between Counterpoint and Shopify, allowing you to run email marketing campaigns, special promotions, and so much more!


Boost profitability by listing your products on popular marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. You can manage your marketplace orders and product feeds all from one centralized, integrated system.

Rich Analytics

Counterpoint’s reporting suite gives you simple yet flexible analytics capabilities. Incorporate your Shopify order/sales data to sales reports generated in Counterpoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

For existing Counterpoint customers with new Shopify store: Initially, all items and customers data will be uploaded from Counterpoint to Shopify. Then after the initial upload, it will sync only new or updated/modified records from Counterpoint to Shopify moving forward. All orders/invoices will sync from Shopify to Counterpoint moving forward.

For existing Shopify store and new Counterpoint user: Initially, all items and customers will push down from Shopify into Counterpoint. Then it will only sync new, updated/modified records from Counterpoint to Shopify moving forward.

Online sales processing, credit card authorization, picking, packing, shipping, shipping labels printing, fulfillment will be handled via Shopify. POS Highway’s SyncApp will transfer completed invoices from Shopify to Counterpoint. The SyncApp will update sales, inventory, and all reports in Counterpoint as soon as the daily end of sales posting is completed.

Shopify does not have the capability to manage your in-store sales, inventory, purchasing, and consolidated reporting. Therefore, Counterpoint is your primary system for all purposes outside of selling products online.

The most common frequency is every three to five minutes. We can configure the data sync to your preference, but most clients prefer real-time or as close to real-time as possible.

The Shopify web store needs to be configured in Counterpoint as another store, let’s call it an “eCommerce” store. Inventory locations can be connected to your brick and mortar store inventory or you can set up a separate inventory location for Shopify. Either way, Shopify – CP sync app will post online and in-store sales/return/inventory transactions to the right location.

Here is a list of Counterpoint product and online sales date/information our CP-Shopify SyncApp will transfer between Counterpoint and Shopify.

Item/Product Data


All sales orders/invoices will sync from Shopify to CP

  • Additional Description 1
  • Item images
  • HTML description
  • Price-1
  • Regular price
  • Last cost
  • Vendor
  • Category
  • Collection 1 to 5 > Custom fields
  • Item grids (variants)
  • Qty-on-hand
  • Customer name
  • Last name
  • First Name
  • Address 1,2,3
  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Email address 1
  • Phone 1
  • Ship-to address
  • Update tickets
  • Inventory
  • On-hand quantity
  • Customer purchase history
  • Sales reports
  • Inventory reports

No, you do not need a “master sheet” for CP-Shopify integration. Our SyncApp will handle the data synchronization and mapping between Counterpoint and Shopify.

We recommend you make Counterpoint inventory your primary database, however, you can add products in Shopify, and new products from Shopify will be added into Counterpoint item/inventory. Our CP-Shopify SyncApp is a two-way synchronization application.

With your Counterpoint and Shopify stores fully configured, POS Highway will install our SyncApp on your local or cloud-based server that hosts your SQL database. The SyncApp is a custom solution that allows Counterpoint’s database to connect with your Shopify store. Software components such as Counterpoint eCommerce module and Shopify SyncApp needs to be installed and configured on the CP SQL server.

CompuTant/POS Highway developed a custom integration between Counterpoint and Shopify, which communicates with the Shopify API. The end-user will need to purchase POS Highway’s SyncApp, along with professional services (setup, data migration, testing, and training).

As the end-user, you will also want to have someone to design your website, as well as a Shopify expert to assist in setting up the eCommerce platform and payment gateway. CompuTant/POS Highway does not currently provide these services, but we have partners who can assist with development. Contact us today to learn more.

The most powerful Shopify to Counterpoint integration on the market
  • Designate eCommerce inventory location, store, station, and drawer
  • Control which entities sync, and how they sync
  • Control sync based on your fulfillment practices

NCR Counterpoint and Shopify Control Module Screenshot

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The transition to the new software was seamless and if we needed help with anything we reached out and the problem was solved right away.
Sue | Service Specialists

As a vineyard, winery, and tasting room, we were looking for a POS that could handle e-commerce, have little to no learning curve for our staff, and open up doors of possibilities that were not possible with our last POS. Counterpoint delivered in spades.
Glen | Marta Clara Winery

“Having 9 locations in retail is complex, but the system reduces the complexity by consolidating the data, which is available instantly, so we can react to changes in sales or product faster than our competition.”
Fred Levine | Owner & Co-founder at M. Fredric

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