Contactless and EMV Chip Reader and NCR Secure Pay

Secure payment solutions designed for high-performance retail environments

Protect Customer Private Info

Have peace of mind knowing all customer payment information is encrypted for better security.

EMV Chip Card Ready

Accept a variety of payments including EMV Chip Cards that are the standard today.

Batch Settlements

Save time by batch processing settlements at a specified time automatically or via the SecurePay portal.

NCR SecurePay – Credit Card Payment Security

NCR’s SecurePay hosted PCI compliant electronic payment gateway helps you address the key elements of payment security: data storage and transmission of cardholder information.

With multiple security layers, NCR Secure Pay minimizes your risk for a credit card security breach.

Store Credit Card Data Securely

NCR Secure Pay uses a process called tokenization to store a code, instead of storing sensitive credit card information in your store’s database.

The actual card information is encrypted and stored in our network environment in a token. The token allows authorized users access to transaction information as needed for returns and other operations while maintaining a protected system.

Transmit Encrypted Card Data = Peace of Mind

Using Point-to-Point Encryption, the processor encrypts the credit card data as soon as the card is swiped by your customer.

This process ensures that sensitive card information is encrypted throughout its lifecycle in your environment and minimizes the risk of an unauthorized user scraping that credit card data from database memory.

A green box with a padlock will appear on your POS screen when the data has been encrypted and is being transferred securely.

Automated Credit Card Settlements

Automate your settlements to happen daily at the time of your choosing or settle transactions remotely using the NCR Secure Pay merchant portal. You have flexibility with credit card settlements since the card information is removed from your database and secured on a separate host.

Point to point encryption, or P2PE, refers to a method of protecting sensitive data that is stored on a company’s servers. P2PE encryption is a highly secure way to store sensitive data such as cardholder data, and is an alternative to data retention. P2PE encryption is based on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption model, which is a way of exchanging data through the use of a public key and a private key. When a customer makes a purchase using P2PE encryption, the information is encrypted using a public key, then sent over the internet to the merchant’s payment processor. The merchant then sends the data to the payment processor company, which stores the information using a private key. TThis way, the information cannot be read while it is in the payment processor’s possession.

Processor Credit Cards Debit Cards(PIN Debit) Gift Cards(SVCs) EMV Credit EMV Debit
NCR Payment Solutions X X X X
NCR Merchant Solutions/RBS WorldPay (Lynk) X X X
NCR Merchant Solutions/WorldPay TCMP X X X X X
Chase Paymentech X X X X
First Data North (Cardnet) X X X X X
First Data South (Nabanco) X X N/A
TSYS (Vital/VisaNet) X X X
Stored Value Systems (SVS) X N/A
Elavon (Nova) X X X
Mercury Payment Systems X X X
Vantiv (Fifth Third Bank) X X X X
Givex X N/A


When used with a certified magnetic stripe reader (MSR) or payment terminal, NCR Secure Pay and NCR Counterpoint support point-to-point encryption (P2PE) of credit card and debit card data. Point-to-point encryption, also known as end-to-end encryption, ensures that card numbers, expiration dates, and debit card PINs are encrypted at the point of entry (e.g., the card swipe). Because encrypted card data can only be decrypted by NCR Secure Pay, unencrypted card data is never stored or accessible in your Counterpoint environment.

P2PE requires a certified MSR for the encryption of card swipe data or a certified payment terminal for the encryption of card swipes, manually-entered card numbers, and debit card PINs.

The following MSRs and payment terminals will support P2PE with NCR Counterpoint and NCR Secure Pay:

  • MagTek Magnesafe Mini MSR
  • Ingenico iSC250 Payment Terminal
  • Ingenico iSMP4 Payment Terminal
  • Ingenico iPP320 Payment Terminal
  • NCR RealPOS XR7 Point of Sale Terminal with P2PE MSR

Due to the nature of payment and banking technology, payment security, industry compliancy, and device availability by manufact

We take a multi-pronged and layered approach to create a more secure environment (or perimeter) to transmit credit card information. Both perimeter security and safeguarding payment information play a role in creating a secure environment, which include measures such as firewall, antivirus/antimalware software, network segmentation, two-factor authentication, user or group specific permissions to remote access tools.

Tokenization, the process of substituting a sensitive data element with a non-sensitive equivalent (the “token”), is a technique used to protect consumer data. Tokenization replaces sensitive data elements with a random string of characters, in this case, a token. Tokenization is an alternative to encryption which may be used to protect consumer data. Tokenization is a useful tool for businesses looking to adopt PCI DSS compliance, as it allows merchants to store sensitive cardholder information in an insecure environment (outside of the PCI DSS scope) while still allowing them to process transactions in a PCI DSS compliant manner.

Tokenization vs. Encryption

Criteria Tokenization Encryption
PAN data displayed X
Mathematically reversible X
Reduces PCI scope X
Payment flexibility: refunds, chargebacks, recurring payments etc. x
Rotation of keys required X
End-to-end security X
Low-cost per transaction X
Format fits with legacy credit card fields X
Centrally managed X
Established security X

NCR Secure Pay (allows you to securely process credit, debit, and gift cards over the Internet through a variety of supported processors, providing faster and more reliable transactions than dial-up card authorization services. The gateway point-to-point encryption of card data (with optional hardware to be available from NCR), enhances security through the tokenization of credit card numbers, and offers a Web-based settlement interface.

We know how important customer trust and satisfaction is in any business, and in business a lot can go wrong to diminish both. One surefire way is to not take the necessary proactive measures to protect your customer’s information, which we have seen time and time again when hackers and malicious users steal card information.

From a financial liability, public relations, and security standpoint, a card breach event can be catastrophic to any business. This issue affects businesses of all sizes, should they choose to accept credit and debit cards.

If you’re not using the best payment security technology, you run the risk of experiencing a very expensive problem. Even a modest exposure of 50 customer credit card numbers can result in
unplanned costs of $10,0001 or more in penalties, fees, time expenditure, and, the most difficult to quantify: reputation.

It goes to show that payment security should be top of mind, and here we’ll explain how it works.

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