Powerful Reporting and Analytics for NCR Counterpoint

Reimagine and connect the retail and eCommerce ecosystem

The omnichannel world introduces a unique set of challenges for retail and wholesale businesses, both online and offline. With intelligent reporting, you remove the guess work from the equation, and are provided with actionable information towards better prediction

Retail sales, inventory, and logistics reports
Powerful Reporting for Retailers

Get in-depth reports across all the sales, customer, inventory, and purchasing data you collect every day. Use Counterpoint’s built-in reports, such as sales history or inventory turnover (GMROI), to understand your business’s strengths and weaknesses, and in turn make important decisions towards improvement.

Need custom reports? Not a problem. Our programmers are able to generate report templates to your requirements and specifications using SQL programming.

Learn more about customized reports

Analytics Dashboard

Use data visualization to get a “snap-shot” of a variety of performance areas with Counterpoint’s built-in analytics dashboard. Highlight key performance indicators, check your sales dollars, profit margin, average ticket amount for that day, and so forth.

Identify new cross-selling opportunities, drive merchandising, purchasing, and pricing decisions all through one system.

For advanced users, you can connect Counterpoint’s database, which is based in Microsoft SQL server, t

  • Sales Reports
  • Order and Sales Activity
  • Sales Ticket History
  • X-tape and Z-tape
  • Drawer Reading and History
  • Quotes, Holds, and Layaways
  • Sales by Customer, Item, Sales Rep
  • Picked and Released Orders
  • Pre-settlement List and Settlement History
  • Validated Returns and Voided Tickets
  • Inventory Reports
  • Inventory Analysis and Snapshot
  • Merchandise Analysis
  • Current and Historical Valuation
  • Low-stock and overstock
  • Item History
  • Transfer In/Out, Status and Advice
  • Sell-through Rate (Turnover)
  • Physical Count and Adjustments
  • Reconciliation
  • Purchasing & Other Reports
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchasing Advice
  • Returns to Vendors (RTV)
  • Purchasing Adjustments
  • Customer Aging
  • Calculate Finance Charges and Statements
  • Loyalty Points
  • Time Cards
  • Tax History and Exemptions

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The transition to the new software was seamless and if we needed help with anything we reached out and the problem was solved right away.
Sue | Service Specialists

As a vineyard, winery, and tasting room, we were looking for a POS that could handle e-commerce, have little to no learning curve for our staff, and open up doors of possibilities that were not possible with our last POS. Counterpoint delivered in spades.
Glen | Marta Clara Winery

“Having 9 locations in retail is complex, but the system reduces the complexity by consolidating the data, which is available instantly, so we can react to changes in sales or product faster than our competition.”
Fred Levine | Owner & Co-founder at M. Fredric

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