QuickBooks Online and Counterpoint Integration with SyncApp by POS Highway

Integrate QuickBooks Online and NCR Counterpoint POS for automating your G/L and A/P transactions.

The Benefits of Counterpoint with QuickBooks Online Integration

Are you ready to enhance the efficiency of your Counterpoint accounting processes by eliminating obsolete manual methods? Experience the alleviation of accounting responsibilities through enhanced data analysis, more intelligent decision-making processes, and a decreased workload.

Efficiently establish synchronization between your daily sales totals, payment type totals, inventory cost control, and vendor invoices with QuickBooks Online, facilitating convenient access and utilization of this data for making informed financial decisions.

Watch Quickbooks Online and Counterpoint POS Integration Demo Video

An overview of features and functions of our integration. Learn how our solutions can greatly benefit your retail or wholesale business!

QuickBooks Online integration

The QBO Sync App works in the cloud to easily transfer sales and payable data from your Counterpoint Point of Sale Solution to your QuickBooks Online Accounting System.

  • Auto update QuickBooks financials with daily sales and payments
  • Receive inventory according to purchase orders, apply invoice to received POs
  • Auto send vendor invoices to QBO
  • Automatic data reconciliation saves you time and creates daily financial statements so you may make the best business decisions.

Sync data to the cloud

Our integration utility is a small application that resides on your CounterPoint server to communicate with QuickBooks Online and your SyncApp dashboard.

Map your accounts

Map all of the appropriate accounts from CounterPoint POS to QuickBooks Online, such as General Ledger and Accounts Payable.

Review data online

Review accounting data on your very own customer portal and dashboard. Keep a detailed log of what data is transferring between systems.

Post to QuickBooks Online

Post your verified, imported transaction data to QuickBooks when you’re ready and everything looks right.


Save time by automating your accounting tasks with our feature packed integration.


Easily sync up sales and transaction data of multiple stores available in your CounterPoint POS software seamlessly with QuickBooks Online


Transactions from multiple POS stores can now be easily identified by mapping the Store names to Classes available on your QuickBooks Online file


Easily map the chart of accounts to be used for each transaction, using our intuitive accounts mapping interface


Securely view the transactional data of your stores on our web portal and provide access to your team to collaborate


Review the accounting information of the transactions synced from the POS system and post them to QuickBooks Online as journal entry records


Using our optimized data transfer utility, post the accounting data in bulk to QuickBooks Online. Track the data posted & related results with ease

Automatic Postings and Methods

Post and receive accurate and up-to-date financial reports, such as balance sheet or income statements, at any time. In QuickBooks Online, sales data can be posted as sales receipts or journal entries.

Tenders/Payment Types

Each individual payment type reported by CounterPoint is included on the automated postings from the SyncApp including credit cards, gift cards, checks, and cash. Credit card tenders can be group in whole or partitioned to match the manner in which they are deposited to your bank account by your merchant service provider.

Multiple Store Locations Supported

If you have multi-location POS system, our SyncApp automatically posts sales data at the location level. If the locations are part of the same legal entity, the postings can include summary or line item level tracking classes.