If you’re in the Auto Accessories business and a QuickBooks POS user, it’s time to start thinking about your next move. […]

September 20th, 2023 Customer Service Retail News

Inflation and food insecurity have shockingly increased globally over the last few years. The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers […]

July 24th, 2023 Retail News

If you’re a retailer then you would already know that inventory might become a source of headaches and stress. But, it […]

Are you following the latest trends for retail success? 1. Retail merchants who boost sustainability, product quality and transparency will prosper. […]

At a time when traditional retailers are already expected to fold up due to the emergence of mobile and online shopping, […]

September 8th, 2023 Retail News

After a decent initial report in the second quarter of this year, the consumer retail sales report for July came out […]

September 8th, 2023 Point of Sale Retail News Security

If the recent cyber attack on Target Stores that compromised millions of credit- and debit-card numbers last holiday season isn’t proof […]

September 8th, 2023 Retail News Retail Sales Strategy

If you have a point-of-sale system in your business, or if you need one, you are probably a business or in […]

September 13th, 2023 Retail News

There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the virtual currency bitcoin as a growing number of quick-serve restaurants, bakeries, […]