Counterpoint Reporting Customization

KPIs and Metrics

Use Counterpoint’s breadth of data to generate an array of reports with parameters that matter the most.


All pertinent inventory reports, such as valuation reports, returns, and status, are available in real time.

Sales History

Complete sales transaction history, ticket history, commissions, and sales analysis are built-in.

Our Customization Services

With over 30 years of experience in retail business process consulting and POS implementation, simply put – we know our stuff.

Our system allows you to ask for specific information from the database and shows it in a predefined layout. Using custom SQL queries, we are able to generate reports with metrics or performance indicators that are most vital to you or your organization.

Configuration and Testing

Our job is to build it and make sure it is configured and reported accurately.

For example, you can use a report to find out the value of your inventory for a specific category of merchandise, or which store had the highest sales performance.

Send Reports

Automatically setup reports to generated and sent to the appropriate persons or entities on a regular schedule or on the fly. Counterpoint gives you the flexibility to choose what information can and cannot be accessed by every user.

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