Powerful Inventory Management and Purchasing System for Retail Businesses

Benefits of Our Purchasing Software

Automate Purchasing

Streamline the purchasing and receiving workflow to save time and always meet customer demand.

Vendor Management

Track all items, costs, and activities with vendor info with detailed user-defined profile fields.

Forecasting and Reporting

Avoid stock-outs with targetted min/max levels, forecasting tools, and purchasing advice reports.

Purchase Order Software Features

Purchasing and receiving go hand in hand with inventory management. To get the most out of your inventory investment, your purchases need to be timely, cost-effective.

Our goal is to make purchasing from your vendors as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Read on to learn how Counterpoint frees up your time by automating and optimizing the purchasing workflow.

Vendor Management

Track address and contact information, terms, shipping method, and vouchering details for each vendor with up to 20 user-defined profile fields.

Create vendor item records that track the cost, purchasing unit, minimum order quantity, and lead time for each item you buy from a particular vendor. Track the primary vendor and any number of alternate vendors for each item.

Purchase Order Automation

A purchase order begins life as a purchase request. When you create a new purchase request, you specify the vendor you’re ordering from and the location you want the merchandise shipped to, as well as other details, including the shipping method and free on board (FOB) destination.

Add the items you’re ordering, including the quantity, unit, and unit cost, or use the purchasing worksheet to add multiple items to the purchase request simultaneously.

When you post a purchase request, it’s converted into a purchase order – which you can print or send to the vendor via e-mail – and on-order quantities are automatically updated.


Receive merchandise with or without a purchase order. During receiving, you can retrieve purchase orders by PO number, vendor, or any other criteria. You can receive each PO in full or receive only selected items, back ordering or canceling unreceived lines.

You can even add new lines to a receiver to account for additional merchandise that was shipped with an order. If your vendors supply electronic receivers, you can import quantities for received items, using your item numbers or theirs.

Miscellaneous Charges

Each purchase order or receiver can include up to five miscellaneous charges, which can be included in the landed cost, to cover freight, handling, or other vendor fees. Each miscellaneous charge can be allocated based on the weight, quantity, cost, or cubic volume of the items you ordered or received.

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Advanced Features for Multi-store, Forecasting, and RTV

Purchasing for Multiple Locations

Easily purchase and receive merchandise for multiple locations, either from a central office or at each location. You can create a single, merged purchase order for all locations in a user-defined group, or split a purchase request into separate purchase orders, one for each location in the group.

When you receive a merged PO at a single location, such as a central warehouse, NCR Counterpoint automatically creates the necessary transfers to distribute the appropriate quantities to each location.


After you receive merchandise, you can create purchasing adjustments to correct received cost and miscellaneous charge values for individual receivers, allowing you to update your inventory and costs of goods sold.

Returns to Vendors

Returns to vendors (RTVs) may be entered, reviewed, and posted to record the return of merchandise to vendors. RTVs reduce on-hand inventory and may be vouchered to Accounts Payable to record credits with a vendor.

Purchasing Advice Reports

Purchasing Advice calculates suggested reorder quantities and automatically generates purchase orders for your items, using one of three restocking methods.

Purchasing Advice

Calculates reorder quantities based on a variety of factors, including current inventory levels, committed quantities, backorders, in-transit merchandise, open purchase orders, vendor multiples, and vendor minimums.

Replenishment Method

This method orders enough of each item to replace the quantity sold during a specific period, allowing you to specify a history factor to adjust the ordered quantities (e.g., 20% more, 5% less).

Maximum Method

The Maximum method identifies items that have fallen below their minimum reorder quantities and orders enough to bring up stocking levels to their defined maximums, and Days of Supply considers on-hand quantities and historical sales to order enough of each item to last the number of days you specify.

You can generate Purchasing Advice, and the resulting purchase orders, for your primary vendors, for each item’s lowest-cost vendor, or for a single vendor.

Customer-specific Purchasing

Customer-specific purchasing allows you to review open customer orders that were entered at the point of sale and automatically generate purchase orders for the items you need to fulfill those orders.

You can create a single purchase order for each vendor, each of which can include items from multiple customer orders or a separate purchase order for each customer.

Forecast-driven Replenishment

Create seasonal forecasts to accurately estimate future demand for your items, based on historical sales. When you create a forecast, NCR Counterpoint calculates the forecasted quantity for each item, using proven forecasting methods.

Use forecast data to dynamically set the ideal minimum and maxim quantities for your items, and then use Purchasing Advice to automatically order enough stock to meet the expected demand for the season.

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