Specialty Foods Point of Sale with NCR Counterpoint

Our retail point of sale solution features functionality designed specifically for the specialty food industry including support for catering and bulk items stocked by weight. With NCR Counterpoint you benefit from this and more, read below for more advantages of our POS.
Sell Items by Weight
Weigh produce and bulk foods using our scale interface to charge by the pound or ounce. NCR Counterpoint’s tare weight functionality allows you to charge for the actual product weight. Increase speed at checkout by printing random weight barcodes from stations around your store.
Drive Repeat Business
Integrated customer loyalty and gift card programs reward preferred customers and bring in new clientele. With NCR Counterpoint’s Built-in CRM functionalityyou are allowed to automatically track purchase history as well as capture detailed customer information including contact information, favorite foods, and preferences. Use information you capture to market to your customers.
Track Food Items
Track ingredients, like flour, sugar, and chocolate chips, and use our assembly functionality to automatically decrease the inventory quantity of the ingredients while increasing the quantity of chocolate chip cookies based on the recipe. Turn rate reporting helps reduce spoilage and scrap inventory functionality allows you to account for any perished items. All this and more with NCR Counterpoint.
Automate Purchasing
With NCR Counterpoint POS order the product you need at the lowest possible price using automated purchasing tools that take into account vendor multiples, and/or vendor minimums. From one screen, calculate quantities to reorder and generate POs based on desired stocking levels. Additionally consider current inventory levels, commitments, backorders, in-transit merchandise, and open POs.
TheNCR Counterpoint POS systemis the most flexible, powerful, and advanced retail management software in today’s market. This software is essential for retailers who need to maintain a high level of operational efficiency at store to multi-store level and corporate headquarter level. Utilizing tight inventory control, price-optimization, customer satisfaction initiatives, vendor relationship, and employee management will accelerate many aspects of your business.

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