Benefits of Mobile Inventory Systems with NCR Counterpoint

Stay Competitive

Outsport your competition by offering the best products at the right price to your customers.

Stay Flexible

Assign different price levels and price rules by a variety of dimensions. Read below for all options.

Stay Informed

View all product data across all store locations and warehouses through one smart system.

Mobile Inventory

Whether you have a single or multiple stores with a central warehouse, your success depends on effective inventory management.

Your inventory and shipping logistics is practically automated, streamline every aspect of your inventory management and distribution process.

From scanning, picking, packing and transfer of inventory, you can kick back while Counterpoint does all the heavy lifting.

Click here to learn more about inventory management.

Warehouse Management

NCR Counterpoint Warehouse Management module simplifies your inventory distribution processes from a central warehouse to multiple stores.

Counterpoint’s leading-edge purchasing, allocation, and replenishment methodologies let you gain insight into your inventory and help you make better-informed decisions.

Use progressive analytics to sort your data by departments, brands, collections or seasons for better performance monitoring.

Click here to learn more about warehouse management.

Item Manager

Access and modify current item information in your product database in real-time.

Product Look-up

Look up product stock quantities, SKUs, descriptions, departments, and price.

Inventory Receiving/Transfer

Receive and transfer your purchases with or without purchase orders.

Mobile Printing

Generate and print barcode and shipping labels or reports on the fly.

Sales Order Management

Manage sales orders, picking, and packing for fulfillment through a single system.

Mobile Sales

Your staff can create sales orders and invoice from wherever they stand.

Multiple Bins and Locations

Manage unlimited products between multiple warehouses, store locations, and bins.

Price Checker

Use a mobile device to look-up and compare prices for your customers.

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