Barcodes and Labels by NCR Counterpoint Retail POS System

Benefits of Barcodes with NCR Counterpoint Retail System

Revamp Customer Service

Provide seamless, personalized shopping experiences across all channels.

Boost Productivity All-around

Streamline all store operations to deliver superior service and drive profits.

Track Everything

Every transaction, product, order, and customer data gets tracked and reported accurately so you’re always in the know.

Point of Sale

Speed up checkout with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Sales associates can look up what’s in stock, customer information, and even order history. Processing payment is quick and secure with integrated EMV chip readers. Accept gift cards, coupons, and returns at any store location.

Inventory Management and Purchasing

Counterpoint manages your inventory and out-of-stock conditions, maximizing your profitability. Get an accurate snapshot of your inventory anytime, anywhere across all stores or warehouses. Automate purchasing and receiving from vendors/suppliers, all in one system.

Customer Loyalty, Marketing & CRM

Built-in CRM and marketing tools allow you to build brand awareness and market to new and existing customers. Create gift cards and targeted email marketing campaigns on the fly. Get repeat business with customizable loyalty programs, discounts, and specials.

Reporting and Analytics

Built-in CRM and marketing tools allow you to build brand awareness and remarket to existing customers with gift cards and targeted email marketing campaigns. Get repeat business with customizable loyalty programs.

We work with the top carriers and shipping engines

Pick from Shipstation, ShipWorks, ShippingEasy, Temando, ProShip by Neopost, and many more options for multi-carrier shipping.

Our connections to major shipping engines allow you to choose from global carriers including UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Canada Post, Purolator and many more. Use regional and LTL carriers too.

Electronic verification system enabled and USPS certified

Our thermal transfer prints barcode, product, shelf and shipping labels at lightning speed. We offer an assortment of tags and templates, available for high-durability Zebra and Janam printers.

No more daily postage top-ups are required. Since Zen is certified by USPS, your mailings will be processed with a more streamlined verification process than those using paper manifests.

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