A variety of secure payment processing devices and options

EMV Ready Hardware

Our POS system is fully compatible with several EMV-ready payment processing terminals and readers. Whether you want a reader attached to your iPad or a standalone terminal, we have just what you need!

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Mobile Payment Solutions

Equip your servers with a mobile payment processing terminal so they can take payments from wherever their feet are planted. Your servers can spend more time in the dining area versus going back and forth from the customer’s table to the POS station.

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Protect cardholder information

Since the liability shift regarding fraudulent credit card activity now falls on the merchant if they to process payments via mag stripe, it’s imperative to utilize EMV technology for your business. Protect your customers’ sensitive information with the latest in emerging transaction technologies.

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Transactions Reports

Our system makes it easy to distinguish your sales by transaction type or tender received in a easy to read report. The Transactions report separates all sales by the type of payment they used, whether it’s cash, credit card, or gift card.

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