Upsell and Get More Customers at Your Surf Store using Counterpoint POS System

NCR Counterpoint POS can help upsell at a surf store by providing a streamlined checkout process that allows customers to purchase additional items quickly and easily. With Counterpoint’s integrated inventory and sales tracking system, staff can easily see what items customers are buying and be able to suggest complementary items to complete their purchase. The system also allows customers to make their own customized purchases, such as customizing a surfboard or wetsuit, and allows staff to easily track and manage these orders. By providing a comprehensive and streamlined checkout process, Counterpoint POS can help a surf store upsell to customers and ensure a successful sale.

Knowing What and When to Upsell

If a consumer is purchasing a surfboard for the first time, there is a significant chance to upsell because to the expansion of the sport as a result of Covid-19. Making pertinent recommendations for additional purchases facilitates an easy upsell because customers who purchase a new surfboard are frequently eager to get in the water. The first-time buyer of a surfboard should consider wetsuits, track pads, leashes, wax, ding repair kits, surf classes, if you provide them, and surfboard protection plans as well. Not to mention that almost everyone might benefit from a new pair of sandals or board shorts.

Despite the fact that surfing is a casual activity, the sales personnel should be motivated and trained to function as an expert within the business, offering suggestions to consumers and providing justifications for why the purchase will improve the buyer’s surfing or beach experience. Several stores make the error of allowing the customer to make their own purchases while they wait for them to arrive at the register with the required item. To cater to the needs of the consumer and increase the average order value (AOV) at checkout, your team should interact with the customer throughout the shopping experience.

E-Commerce Integration

Nowadays, platforms like Shopify offer both a superb e-commerce alternative and a POS system for in-store use. Simply make sure the recommended upsell products are properly connected so your personnel can propose the purchase with ease. You want your employees to start asking this question automatically when a customer buys a new surfboard: "Would you like to purchase a protection plan with that?" Or "May I assist you in choosing a repair kit and track suit?" Your personnel should be given a prompt to add these products to the customer’s purchase throughout the checkout process.

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