True Point of Sale Features to Drive Your Lawn and Garden Center Business

Garden centers and nurseries have specific POS requirements for tracking inventory detailed information around your products, orders, and customers. NCR Counterpoint is the industry standard for your needs.

EMV Payment Solutions

NCR POS systems for a lawn and garden supply store have the capacity to easily process payments for items such as gardening tools, plants, seeds, soil, and other supplies. The system can accept all major credit cards, as well as cash and check payments.

Purchase Order Management

The system should include an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface, allowing employees to input information quickly and accurately. This includes the ability to easily scan barcodes, as well as record and track customer purchases. Also, the system has the capability to store large amounts of product information and pricing.

Inventory Management

The system should also include inventory management features, allowing the store to keep track of what products are in stock, as well as alert staff when inventory is running low. Additionally, the system should be able to generate reports on sales, inventory levels, and customer data, helping the store to make more informed decisions.

Marketing & CRM

The POS system is also to be able to integrate with other software, such as accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This will help the store to easily manage customer data, as well as streamline the payment process. Additionally, the system has the capability to connect to an online store, allowing customers to purchase items online.


Custom nursery tags, labels, and high-speed printers

  • We offer an assortment of tags and labels designed specifically for garden centers and nurseries.
  • From wrap-around tags to pot stakes, hang tags, adhesive, and laser products, our tags last anywhere from 12 to 30 months, come in a variety of lengths and colors and are tolerant to cold temperatures above 10ºF.
  • Create custom designs and maintain your customer-specific or regulatory-compliant labels with ease.
  • Print your labels on high-speed, heavy-duty printers, that are compatible with multiple types of labels and tags.

Finally, the system has robust security features, ensuring customer data is kept safe and secure. This includes the ability to encrypt data, as well as the use of secure authentication methods. Lastly, the system has the capability to detect and prevent suspicious activity, helping to protect the store from fraud.

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