Switching from QuickBooks POS? Prepare your Landscape Supply Store for the Transition

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) has been a popular tool for businesses to manage their sales and inventory. However, Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, has announced that it will be discontinuing its support for QuickBooks POS as of May 31, 2023. This means that after this date, the software will no longer receive updates or technical support.

There are several reasons why Intuit has made this decision. One of the main reasons is that the technology landscape is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest advancements. As a result, Intuit has decided to focus its resources on other products and services that are more in line with its long-term strategic goals.

If you are currently using QuickBooks POS, it is important to start thinking about alternative options as soon as possible. Here are some reasons why you should consider making the switch:

  1. Security risks: After May 31, 2023, QuickBooks POS will no longer receive security updates, which means that it will become more vulnerable to cyber threats. By switching to a newer, more secure point of sale system, you can help protect your business and your customers’ sensitive data.
  2. Compliance concerns: As technology evolves, so do the regulations around it. If you continue to use QuickBooks POS after the end of support date, you may run into compliance issues with payment card industry (PCI) standards, which could result in costly fines and damage to your reputation.
  3. Limited functionality: QuickBooks POS was designed for small businesses, but as your business grows, you may find that it no longer meets your needs. By switching to a more robust point of sale system, you can access features like real-time inventory tracking, advanced reporting, and multi-store management.

How Does It Affect Your Landscape Supply Business?

The shutdown of QuickBooks POS could potentially have a significant impact on a landscape supply business, depending on how the business currently uses the software.

Here are some ways in which the shutdown of QuickBooks POS could affect a landscape supply business:

  • You might lose important software features like tracking sales and inventory, which could lead to problems with keeping things organized and running efficiently
  • Your sensitive data could be at risk if QuickBooks POS is no longer receiving security updates, leaving your business vulnerable to cyber threats.
  • There could be compliance issues with payment card industry standards, leading to costly fines and damage to your reputation.
  • If you’ve integrated QuickBooks POS with other software systems, the shutdown could cause serious disruptions to your business operations.

What Can You Do About It?

It’s important to start exploring alternative options as soon as possible, like finding similar point-of-sale software or even creating custom software that fits your specific needs. Additionally, make sure you have a solid data backup plan in place to protect your business from data loss in case of a software shutdown. Don’t wait until the last minute – start preparing for the QuickBooks POS shutdown today!

There Is Help!

If you’re a landscape supply business owner looking for an alternative to QuickBooks POS, we have some great news for you! POS Highway’s NCR Counterpoint POS is a fantastic option that can help take your business to the next level.

Here are a few reasons why Counterpoint POS is the perfect choice for businesses looking to switch from QuickBooks POS:

  1. Powerful inventory management: One of the key features of Counterpoint POS is its robust inventory management capabilities. You can easily track inventory levels, set up reorder points, and generate reports to help you make informed decisions about your business.
  2. Enhanced security: With Counterpoint POS, you can be sure that your data is secure. The software is regularly updated to ensure that it’s protected against the latest security threats, and it meets the highest industry standards for data security.
  3. Easy customization: Every business is unique, and Counterpoint POS allows you to customize the software to meet your specific needs. You can create custom reports, set up unique pricing structures, and much more.
  4. Seamless integration: If you’re currently using QuickBooks for other aspects of your business, don’t worry! Counterpoint POS integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, making the transition to the new system a breeze.
  5. Great customer service: At POS Highway, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to all of our clients. We offer 24/7 support and training, so you can be sure that you’re always getting the help you need when you need it

So, if you’re looking to switch from QuickBooks POS, look no further than POS Highway’s Counterpoint POS. With its powerful inventory management, enhanced security, easy customization, seamless integration, and great customer service, it’s the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. Book a free demo with us today!

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