What Are Smart Alerts, And Why Do You Need Them?

What if someone said they had some groundbreaking news that can make or break your online business? What would you do? Most people will want to hear the news right away rather than waiting till tomorrow.

It is common human behavior to have such crucial information right on our desk in a heartbeat, and that’s the reason why most businesses today use smart alerts (also known as real-time feedback alerts) to monitor the online customer experience.

Real-time customer feedback is essentially a type of data collection in which you receive live feedback from visitors on your mobile app or website. With this important feedback, you can immediately see the wishes and requirements of your visitors and monitor for potential problems such as missing information or bugs along the customer journey.

What is a Smart Alert?

To explain in simple language, a smart alert is a real-time notification that is triggered by when a customer reaches you in any way. For example, you have an online store and want to be alerted every time the word payment is mentioned in your feedback. You can do that by setting up an alert that will notify you as soon as it reads the word payment.

Leverage on your online feedback

You might’ve heard the expression “closing the loop” – this is a key concept in customer experience management. By leveraging on your online feedback, you can increase online conversion along with loyal customers. So, while interpreting and collecting data effectively is important, what’s the use of it if you don’t act upon your findings in real-time?

Using your online feedback to its full extent

Once you have all the information in place, you can use it to set up a meaningful action management system for yourself and for your front-line customer care team. This information is useful in several ways; not only can you follow up on feedback items, but you can also track and delegate tasks assigned to your team.

POS Highway offers Smart Alert solutions that are designed to help your business in several ways. Continue reading to find out what makes our smart alerts unique.

Smart Alerts – Omnipresent to your business

Text or email alerts allow you to keep track of activities in your store at all times from anywhere.

Be instantly alerted to potentially fraudulent situations, store operations and see daily sales figures.

Prevent Fraudulent Activities and Theft

NCR Smart Alerts scans transaction history and instantly identifies anyone performing activities outside standard daily activities.

Such notifications include excessive discounts, refunds or sales outside of normal business hours and excessive returns or voided tickets.

Monitor Store Operations

Take immediate actions to activities that could affect your bottom line with key alerts, including low inventory warnings, current cash on hand notifications, alerts if no one has signed in when a store opens, and receive daily sales figure reports.

Be There for Your Customers

Your business depends on your customers. Stay connected to sales activities that affect your customer service.

Receive alerts around sales reps activity, including opening the store, when the rep has logged into the system, a review of pending orders, and notifications of large sales or refunds.

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