POSiFlex Cash Drawer – Printer Driven

Cash drawers may be simple in design and may not feature top-notch technologies seen in other POS components, but it doesn’t mean that you can take it for granted. If you want to confidently automate your sales transactions, then you also need to pay attention to the cash drawers you will include in the system.

Cash drawers are a temporary storage area for cash during and between in-store transactions. These are usually made from steel, with partitions for different bills and coins and come with a lock for security.

As a critical addition to any POS system, and we understand how important it is to include these into your plans. At POS Highway, we provide you with reliable cash drawers including the 16″ Posiflex Cash Drawer, Printer Driven. This cash drawer will provide you with a secure way of handling cash transactions, thanks to its patented screw-less and tamper-resistant design. The design and construction of Posiflex cash drawer also promote improved security, thanks to the use of durable metal material and a special technology that can cushion drawer slams.

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This compact and durable cash drawer has a patented screwless, tamper-resistant design for added security. The drawer and chassis are durable metal with a specialized mechanism to cushion drawer slams, limiting shock to any terminal placed on top of the drawer.