Benefits of NCR Counterpoint Retail System

Revamp Customer Service

Provide seamless, personalized shopping experiences across all channels.

Boost Productivity All-around

Streamline all store operations to deliver superior service and drive profits.

Track Everything

Every transaction, product, order, and customer data gets tracked and reported accurately so you’re always in the know.

NCR Counterpoint SQL POS Implementation

With over 30 years of experience in retail business process consulting and POS implementation, simply put – we know our stuff.

We hope that our plan below serves as a valuable resource to your organization. This is a straightforward 6 step implementation project that we generally follow by for all customers.

At times it becomes necessary for phases to overlap, and for movement back and forth between phases.

1. Initial Plan/Observations

We will establish a project team.

Hold discovery meetings – we will learn how you currently run your operations.

Identify potential gaps and solutions – we look for any bottlenecks and find solutions.

Finally, we will build a project plan to move forward.

2. Design

We will gather and review all records: company, chart of accounts, items, vendors, customers.

Establish initial Counterpoint system configuration settings

Tailor and create a prototype of your POS software

Define retail management system user roles (managers, cashiers, etc.)

Document Counterpoint retail management system operational procedures

3. Development/End-User Training

We will configure retail management system modules and hardware

We will customize, modify, and build the interface for new screens, reports, and more

Provide training to you, the end-user, via online, onsite, and video courses

Live simulation of Counterpoint

4. Testing

We will validate retail system functionality alignment with requirements

Fine-tune the point of sale and other system configurations

Establish end user proficiency

Continue end user training

“Running the business” Simulation

Establish go-live strategy

5. Deployment – Additional Training

Determine final “go-live” date

Upload final data: inventory count, customer and vendor balances etc.

Fine tune the system

Perform additional training

Provide installation service

6. Ongoing Support

POS Highway offers 24/7 live Counterpoint technical support. Our support call centers are located in New Jersey and Hawaii.

Our trained support engineers are ready to help customers answer any technical questions and issues relating to the NCR Counterpoint Retail Solution.

Talk to our retail experts. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Schedule a 30 minute call with our experts

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