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Look, we’ve been doing this for nearly 75 years, and in that time we’ve had every-single-big-and-small-mass-retailer-who-is-going-to-close-us-down come to town. And here we are, still doing our thing.

Why? Well, first of all, we don’t have customers; we have relationships….

But after that, it is ENTIRELY about efficiency and adaptability. CP hits all those marks, especially in the hands of power users. The important part of that last sentence is ‘power user’; not everyone is!

We recently had an issue with receipt printers doing oddball stuff; after several hours of wrestling with it I gave up and called POS Highway. Eddie Mak gets on the phone with me and sees that the printer drivers are wrong, and after reinstalling the correct drivers all is good. The point to all this? EDDIE WAS A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH, AND MADE A FRUSTRATING MOMENT MANAGEABLE AND PLEASANT.

You will never sell NCR CP to a customer looking to do the job on the cheap… it isn’t going to happen. That customer will not be convinced that spending money on their core infrastructure is well-spent… unless one of their peers or friends tell them about how well it works!

Andrew G. | General Manager

Michael’s Appliance Center

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