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Point of Sale Benefits

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Reinvent Customer Service

Touchscreen POS or Ticket Entry

Choose between two different user-interfaces for creating orders. An intuitive button interface with customized categories, defined by you, is a popular choice.

Alternatively, you may use the ticket entry window to create orders, which is ideal for certain business types such as furniture stores or wholesale, i.e. the customer is expecting to receive an invoice instead of a regular receipt.

Real-time Data

Get inventory data, customer purchase history, and their preferences, in addition to store discounts and sales, to give your associates all the information they need to upsell and offer specials.

Take Sales On-the-go with Mobile POS

Give your sales associates the freedom to sell on-the-go. Our POS module is available on iPad and Tablet device so you can create orders and process payments wherever their feet are planted.

Process Payment Securely

Using point-to-point encryption, NCR SecurePay transmits credit card data through our enterprise-grade secure payment gateway. This minimizes the risk of an unauthorized user scraping sensitive information from database memory, among other data protection features.

Print or Email Receipts

It’s all about options. Offer your customers a printed receipt or have your customers sign and email their receipt right from the POS.

Tools to increase efficiency and delight customers

Boost Productivity and Save Time

Streamline the sales workflow with a fully-integrated POS system. Your sales associates can enter integral information about the sale with customized on-screen prompts.

Use barcode scanners if you have a large inventory, and automatically adjust stock quantities when sales are completed. Process payments quickly with fully secured EMV chip readers, and store customer data at the same time.

Returns, Backorders, and Layaways

A proven system for creating special orders, layaways, and validated returns which can be accepted at any store location. This also applies to gift cards, loyalty programs and rewards, and coupons.

Improve Employee Management and Collaboration

Counterpoint has integrated clock-in and clock-out capabilities so users can easily track their shifts. In addition, built-in message board and chat allow managers and sales associates to communicate effectively with each other in real time.

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Upselling and cross selling

Marketing and Sales Tools

Order History and Up-sell Opportunities

Build detailed profiles for each customer by tracking all previous purchases, their average spend, their preferences, and more vital data. Use the data to suggest related products, product bundles, and new products that they might find appealing.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Access important customer information and enroll them in customer loyalty programs on the spot. Stimulate repeat business by providing valuable rewards for repeat purchases.

Gift Cards, Coupons, and Email Marketing

Build consistent and predictable revenue streams with gift card sales. Leverage detailed customer intelligence and performance data to implement targeted email marketing programs and promotions. Accept gift cards and coupons at all store locations, select store locations, and even online!

    Our Clients


    martha clara vineyards

    A year ago, our company switched from Microsoft Dynamics to NCR Counterpoint with the help of the staff at POS Highway. Admittedly, we were nervous. Who wouldn’t be when switching over POS systems? There’s a lot to learn and prepare for.

    We found the transition process to be smoother than we ever could have expected, and that is in part thanks to the intuitiveness of Counterpoint, but mainly due to the excellent preparation, training, and support from the staff at POS Highway.

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    NCR Counterpoint Cloud is the perfect point of sale solution for us, packed with robust features every liquor and tobacco store owner dreams of. Now my stores are managed centrally by one system, connecting the inventory and physical counts across all locations. This ensures my associates know exactly what is in stock and is able to meet our customers’ expectations.


    I have found little that this point of sale can’t do for standard SKU’s.   I can report on anything.  I can compare dates on sales from this year and last year within seconds. Searching for data is a breeze!  I can find out anything. ATF loves me. Making data-driven business decisions is a snap.

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