Advanced Pricing Software Benefits

Stay Competitive

Outsport your competition by offering the best products at the right price to your customers.

Stay Flexible

Assign different price levels and price rules by a variety of dimensions. Read below for all options.

Stay Informed

View all product data across all store locations and warehouses through one smart, centralized system.

Control Pricing with Ease

You can use location-specific, cell-specific pricing, margin-specific pricing, as well as custom SQL stored procedures for price calculations.

Location-Specific Pricing

Location-specific pricing allows you to assign different price levels and price rules to each of your store locations. For example, you could charge higher prices at your downtown store than you do at your other stores.

Cell-Specific Pricing

With cell-specific pricing, you can assign a different price to each color/size combination that is defined for each of your gridded items.

You can also define price rules for specific grid dimensions, allowing you to apply surcharges (i.e., oversize pricing) or discounts based on color or size. For example, you could charge $5 more for XXL shirts or 15% less for plaid golf wear.

Margin-Driven Pricing

Margin-driven pricing will let you control your selling prices dynamically to meet your profit goals.

Managing and pricing your inventory correctly makes for a more efficient and profitable company. Assign up to six prices for each item. Price by store or by color/size with location-specific and SKU-specific pricing.

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