How Does The Retail Reporting Module In Counterpoint Help Your Business?

The fantasy of running a successful business sure looks sweet from the get-go, but practically, it’s very difficult to maintain. The truth is, sustaining a retail business isn’t as easy as it seems at the very start. At the end of the day, it’s not the top-quality inventory or the world-class sales reps that make or break the business. Instead, It’s the operational error analysis that makes the business run as smoothly as ever.

Lucky for you the experts at POS Highway have you covered with their world-class, state of the art reporting features embedded right into the NCR Counterpoint.

What is the Reporting Module In The NCR Counterpoint?

While it might sound incredibly technical and hard to work around, the reporting module by NCR Counterpoint is the easiest way to keep a keen eye on retail business development and overall performance. It provides you access to over 40 different technical reporting formats at your fingertips with varying degrees of granularity. Generate detailed sales reports in seconds simply with the push of a button. The reporting templates by Counterpoint are diverse in range and can assist hundreds of businesses throughout their operations.

From sales history reports to customer loyalty reports, and even customized reports on your bestselling items; the variations are endless. Each of these variations targets a specific important area of your retail business helping you analyze quickly and make quick changes to promote sales, operational development, and an overall sustainable business that only envisions profitability.

Using the Reporting Module is easy. As a user you have the ability to choose from 40 different reports from 24 different categories:

  • Sales Transactions
  • Employee Sales
  • Sales Transactions By Group Or Product
  • Hourly Sales
  • Bestselling Products
  • Customer Sales
  • Loyalty Reports
  • Promotion Report
  • Return Report
  • Conversion Report
  • Sales By Date
  • Inventory Value
  • Article Activity
  • Gift Card Report
  • Discount Report
  • Repairs Report
  • Customer Data Report
  • Stock Inventory Report
  • Stock Adjustments Report
  • Goods In/Goods Out
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Cash Management Report
  • Banking Report
  • E-Journal

Each of these categories has a different set of pre-designed reporting templates, ready for you to generate with the push of a button. When you select a certain reporting category, NCR smartly gathers data and provides you a data-dense report highlighting all the highs and lows of the business.

Does Bob want to know his hourly sales ratio for a specific date? Or maybe a detailed analysis of how a certain discount on a certain product performed on a certain date e.g. Christmas Discounts on the 20th of December? No need to worry! Just head of to the Discount Reports section and the Hourly Sales section to generate both reports easily.

From business owners to business analysts, from sales heads to sales reps, the NCR Counterpoint’s reporting module is for anyone and everyone in the retail business looking to improve business operations. It works for all categories of retail businesses ranging from grocery stores to green industry retail stores. If you run an established retail business, Counterpoint’s reporting module might be the answer to all questions about your business performance.

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