Why does your retail business need email marketing?

Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools that is available today. It is used by different brands across the globe, from start-ups to multinational enterprises. As a retailer, you aren’t an exception to that. You can have a dedicated marketing team that is managing a huge variety of channels in your marketing toolbox. Still, you’ll need to allocate significant resources to your email marketing campaigns if you’re planning to win.

Unimaginable ROI

You might not know this, but email marketing has an ROI of 44x on your investment, which means that you can generate up to $44 of revenue for your retail business with every dollar you spend. You can try and experiment on different marketing platforms, but no one channel offers marketers this level of return.

Hack your growth

If growth is your goal then email marketing is the ideal marketing channel where you can leverage its potential for your retail business. You can further maximize your ROI by sending different types of emails.

A simple welcome email generates around 320% more revenue per email compared to other emails. And that’s not all; transactional emails such as purchase confirmations cart and abandonment notifications generate six times more revenue than any other type of email.

Don’t ignore that personal touch

Email is often considered the best way to break the ice between a service provider and a customer. Calling them straight up could be too direct while approaching them through different platforms won’t have a converting effect.

This is where email comes in – although email is a method of online communication, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be personal. Email is an excellent way to connect with both existing and potential customers on a deeper level, especially when you send personalized emails to your customers.

If you plan to integrate email marketing into your overall marketing strategy, then you will need to personalize your messages. Email personalization can easily increase your transaction rates by up to six times. And that’s not all; the targeted emails can also help you generate almost 58% of all your revenue.

At POS Highway, we offer the best email marketing services. Have a look at what makes our email marketing services unique.

NCR Customer Connect Email Marketing

Link with customers and increase your sales using an email marketing tool. Our tools help you gain valuable insights into who your customers are.

Segment your customers based upon purchase history, customer category, preferences, and other data in the customer record.

Offer coupons, send a happy birthday card, inform them of new products arrival or upcoming sale, events, and more!

Automated Recurring Campaigns

Set up the campaign one time, and going forward, it will be sent out automatically.

Welcome new customers, send birthday offers, and tell customers you miss them.

Never Import another Email List

With the integration to NCR Counterpoint, you only have one set of customer data.

When you add a customer at the point of sale, they are automatically added to your email list in NCR Customer Connect.

Analyze Sales Results

In addition to viewing who is opening or clicking your emails, NCR Customer Connect shows you the sales being driven by your campaigns.

Robust campaign reporting allows you to see the true ROI of your emails.

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