Why do restaurants need analytics and reporting systems

Today’s world is highly competitive; no matter what your business model, there is always someone who is offering the same services or products that you are offering. If you are running a restaurant, then there must be other restaurants that offer the same food as you do. So, what will make you stand apart from the rest of the mediocre lot?

This is where reporting and analytics come in. You might have heard “data is everything” we like we rephrase the statement into “relevant data is everything.” If you have the right stats and information in your arsenal, or in your case, pantry, then no restaurant can kick you out of the game.

Having the right information at the right time is all it needs to run a successful restaurant. Suppose your competitors are serving the best BBQ food, but what they all are missing is the perfect wine to go with it. With that information, you can offer the wine along with your line of BBQ. This single addition will create a drastic impact, and in no time, your sales will skyrocket.

So, where to get such analytics and reporting system?

Enter POS Highway

POS Highway’s beautiful, built-in analytics dashboard provides business-critical data on your smartphone, iPad, or PC in real-time – up to the second! Enjoy peace of mind that business is going as planned, even when you’re out and about. Get reporting on sales, expenses, inventory, product and store performance, labor, and more.

Continue reading to find out what makes our reporting and analytics system unique.

Sales Reports

Leverage Product Mix Reports and Hourly Sales Reports to identify your best-selling products as well as those that aren’t doing so hot. Since you can customize your product categories, the report can be customized to your parameters as well.

Inventory reporting

Track your spending on an ingredient level. Keep a real-time view of your available inventory, and proactively restock inventory to maintain ideal levels. You can also see which items are not turning over quickly enough to reduce waste and reduce costs.

Payroll reporting

Track employee hours for the day or week along with their salary to calculate your labor costs and process payroll. Cut down the manual work and export payroll reports to Excel or . CSV to send to your accounting software or HR department.

Virtual Office

All Back-office Functions Built-in

A full web-based office backend for creating menus, employee management, hardware set-up, reporting and more. Sync with your iPad to view changes in real-time.

Inventory Management

View and manage your inventory settings and list from one place. Make adjusts, import new products, and manage suppliers with ease.

Reporting and Analytics

Get better insights to make better decisions making with our customizable dashboard. View a number of reports and graphs for your product mix, register summaries, sales reports, employee activity and attendance, as well as inventory reports.

Marketing Insights

Account information, loyalty programs, customer lists are easily accessible to you!

Create marketing campaign and measure their success with marketing reports.

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