How The Price Sheets Module on NCR Counterpoint is a Game Changer!

If there’s one thing that your business needs to manage perfectly, it’s your inventory and its pricing. Retail businesses around the world strive upon excellent inventory management and pricing strategy implementations. However, both need serious care and attention to manage.

Similarly, when both of these different areas combine, things can get very complicated. Businesses all around the world face changes in pricing all around the year, however, in terms of inventory management it keeps getting harder and harder. Even a small change in the pricing of a complete category opens doors for implementations throughout the category. Updating all of these products one by one can be a pain and a waste of manpower as well as a waste of time. For businesses working in entirely different locations with location-based pricing changes, this gets even worse as now there’s twice or thrice the inventory to update based on the amount of data that you may have.

The team of development experts at POS Highway understood this issue faced industry-wide and introduced a unique feature to tackle such a situation directly from the comfort of their premier point of sale system. Introducing the Price Sheets module by POS Highway for NCR Counterpoint.

How Does The Price Sheets Module Work?

Counterpoint’s integrated price sheets module enables retail businesses around the world to apply price changes to the system-wide inventory without any hassle. Implement simple price changes throughout your inventory without any hassle and simply the push of a few buttons.

From raising the price by 10% on all items to raising the price by $1 on selected items that have low sales in the past quarter, price sheets enable you to make system-wide changes without having you waste time or manpower. Price sheets also allow you to make a custom change on the selected items relating to a specific category or maybe items from a specific vendor. All types of price changes are possible without any hassle.

Once your desired items are in the price sheet, you can make a number of different price changes ranging from cell-specific price changes, to unit-specific and location-specific price changes by editing directly or applying an automatically calculated price change.

The price changes can be made for an amount or for a percentage. These can also be based on a specific profit margin or be set to a fixed value. Done with making the changes to your price sheet? Simply apply the changes with the click of a button or save the changes to use later on a specific date. Got recurring price changes in your field of business? No problem! Simply make changes to the price sheets that are stored in history.

Why Use Price Sheets?

With the features that it provides, the price sheets module on the NCR Counterpoint is essential for clothing stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, liquor stores, vape stores, toy stores, and all other major retail industries and product types therein.

Price sheets is a one of a kind module by NCR Counterpoint that not only will allow business owners to intelligently change pricing strategies but additionally reduce manpower throughout the inventory management operations reducing price updates to just a few clicks.

The price sheets feature by NCR Counterpoint makes it one of the best if not the best POS system to buy for the retail industry. It’s one of the finest point of sale systems in the world and its waiting for you to get your hands on it!

By POS Highway Staff | July 24th, 2023 | Point of Sale | 2 Comments
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