POS Features to Manage Your Restaurant Staff

If your Point of Sale (POS Features) system isn’t able to manage and streamline your operations then you should consider changing your system. There is so much more your POS system can do then just take online order and process credit card payments. If you’re someone who believes in the old school way of “DIY” then let tell you that you’re doing it wrong. You’re investing in the wrong POS system as your wasting your time, energy and resources on simple processes that can be automated.

POS Highway offers the most advanced features that you would want in a POS system. When you’re spending day and night in your restaurant and the last thing you would want to do is spend more time sorting through checks and orders, adjusting clock-outs and shift breaks while calculating labor cost percentages.

POS Highway is here to explain how our POS system can enable you to manage your staff so you focus on other important matters.

Staff Authorizations

Authorizations permit restaurant owners to control the activities and data that every client or job can access to use your POS system. These authorizations permit restaurant owners to limit admittance to sensitive data and client information and to add extra layers of control over specific parts of their data. By redoing authorizations restaurant owners can do things like requiring a supervisor’s endorsement before voids or discounts can be applied.

Time clock synchronization with employees

Following worker hours and computing both standard and overtime pay ought to be computerized by your POS system. Every worker ought to get a login security pin that they enter on the POS interface to check all through their movements. The system should then have the option to naturally follow and give the quantity of hours every worker works, and the normal and extra time pay that they procure inside a given time-frame.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting is a critical component of any restaurant POS framework. Work and finance reports offer owners and directors with the suitable authorizations to see real knowledge about generally work and pay, just as point by point data about every worker’s efficiency. These reports should make it simple to distinguish work cost rates and the representatives that are taking the most orders, accepting the biggest normal tips, and turning tables the quickest. Cloud-based systems give the additional benefit of making this information accessible progressively as well as available from anyplace, using any gadget with web access.

Smart Staffing

How would you realize what number of workers to plan every Wednesday? You could figure, risk having an excessive number of workers or overlooking a busser — yet your POS has the appropriate response prepared. Reported deals information can help you plan for what’s to come. Regardless of whether it’s one week from now or one month from now, you’ll understand what kind of shift to expect and the number of cooks, bussers, and workers to put on the timetable. Furthermore, your POS can show gratuity, all out visitor tally, table turn time, and different payment strategies. This gives you knowledge into how to set up your kitchen and lounge area staff.

Get the POS Highway’s POS system for best results

By equipping yourself with an end to end POS system, you’re able to do everything quickly without any hassle. From customer care to pricing and everything is take care by the POS system. POS Highway offers the best restaurant solutions and integrations that are designed to push your business to the next level.

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