What Is Physical Inventory Count For Retailers?

If you’re a retailer then you would already know that inventory might become a source of headaches and stress. But, it also an important part of running your retail business successfully, therefore, it simply can’t be overlooked.

Even retailers who are running their business at a small scale need a robust and effective inventory management system. Failure to integrate the system in your retail store will result in effects that will eventually trickle down to different areas of your business. Some of these areas might include order management, supplier management, warehouse management, promotions, pricing and even customer relations.

On the other hand, a seamless and efficient inventory system can bring your business huge profits and loyal customers. There are different ways for conducting your inventory and physical inventory counts is a simple and useful way that works out for most retailers operating at a small level. In this blog we’ll focus on physical inventory and whether it’s beneficial for your business.

This is basically the interaction of physically checking your stock levels. Generally, this is done throughout some undefined time frame in which retail workers check predetermined segments of your stock. For retailers with bigger inventories this may incorporate separating the actual tallies throughout the span of a few days or weeks.

Most actual tallies of stock are led on paper records, computerized accounting pages, or on hand-held mobile devices. Organizations can utilize any technique that gives them an exact count on their store’s information at a given time.

Is there a better way for managing your inventory?

The simple answer is YES. Physical counts is only good for businesses that are in their initial stages, but if you’re operating on a large scale with multiple locations around the country, then doing the old school physical count can take a lot of time and you’ll always have room for errors and miscalculations.

What is the solution?

An all in all inventory management system – this system will not only let you know the current situation of your inventory but it will also inform you of the depleting stocks so you can timely get hold of things that might affect your service or production line.

POS highway offers the best inventory management system that is designed to handle different situations. All you need to do is integrate our system into your retail store and watch the magic happen. Our system will take care of everything while keeping you updated on matters that are important.

How to improve physical counts?

Despite the fact that you can in any case use pen and paper or a bookkeeping register, actual stock checking will turn into a ton simpler with some additional scanning devices.

Handheld scanners are reasonable choices that accelerate the stock tallying measure and guarantee a more prominent degree of precision. Any filtering should be incorporated with your POS system. This implies that all information, once checked, will be added to your back-end framework and reflected in your reports.

POS Highway has the most advanced retail solutions and inventory management system that simplifies your never ending checking and it can also incorporate physical inventory through hand-held scanning devices.

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