Oversee all your stores, teams, and sales channels from one single source of truth-COUNTERPOINT MULTI-STORE RETAIL POINT OF SALE SYSTEM

CompuTant’s NCR Counterpoint POS system can help with multiple store management by providing a comprehensive suite of tools that allow you to manage inventory, track sales, and analyze data across all your stores. With this system, you can easily create centralized reports, manage accounts, and transfer products between stores. It also offers integration with other business applications to help streamline your workflow.

By leveraging our NCR Counterpoint POS system, you can efficiently manage multiple stores and ensure that your business is running smoothly.

  • Real-time data: The system provides real-time information about sales, inventory levels, and other key metrics, making it easier to monitor performance across all locations.
  • Centralized inventory management: With NCR Counterpoint POS, retailers can manage inventory across all stores from a single platform, ensuring that all locations have the necessary stock to meet customer demand.
  • Consistent pricing and promotions: It helps retailers maintain consistent pricing and promotions across all stores, ensuring that customers receive the same shopping experience no matter where they shop.
  • Efficient order fulfillment: The system’s integrated purchasing and order management features make it easier for retailers to fulfill orders from multiple stores, reducing the risk of stock shortages and out-of-stocks.
  • Reporting and analytics: This POS provides detailed reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing retailers to track key metrics and identify trends across all stores. This information can be used to make informed decisions about store operations and improve overall performance.
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