Why Do You Need A Secure Payment System For Your Online Business?

NCR’s SecurePay hosted PCI compliant electronic payment gateway helps you address the key elements of payment security: data storage and transmission of cardholder information.=

With multiple security layers, NCR Secure Pay minimizes your risk for a credit card security breach. Choosing the right payment processor is a critical decision for your business. It can be the gateway to thousands of dollars a month saved, or in many cases, thousands of dollars a month lost. You may want to look at Helcim-review as a great payment processing option.

Even if your online store has the best merchandise, an unsafe and vulnerable payment system can scare customers, leaving your online store empty. The payment gateway that you choose for your eCommerce website will instill trust in your clients as they make purchases.

The rising trend of eCommerce websites has made “secure payment” ever more important. Most online store owners don’t pay much attention to secure payment gateways; this pushes potential customers away because credit card fraud and leakage of sensitive information are becoming common.

Inefficiencies in the online payment system

It’s true that online shopping has become more popular due to its ease along with its affordability. But that doesn’t mean the online buying and selling platforms aren’t without flaws and shortcomings. If you’re starting an online retail business, then setting up a secure online payment system might be the biggest challenge for you.

Although credit card security and payment systems can protect against fraud and security threats, there are still a number of security concerns for online stores.

The biggest risk – credit card fraud

Most online payment transactions are done without a physical card. This type of financial transaction increases the chances of credit card fraud. Often stolen credit card numbers and other private information can be used to make online purchases without the consent of the cardholder.

What does it mean for you? (Owner of an online store)

The acquiring bank which is hosting the merchant account is compelled to pay restitution for and all damages that are caused by stolen credit cards. Therefore, some issuers charge exorbitant fees to merchants who regularly perform card, not present (CNP) transactions.

The easiest way to avoid credit card fraud is to integrate a secure payment processor that verifies user information through fraud scrubbing technology.

POS Highway offers the most secure payment solutions – have a look at what makes our payment solutions unique.

Store Credit Card Data Securely

NCR Secure Pay uses a process called tokenization to store a code instead of storing sensitive credit card information in your store’s database.

The actual card information is encrypted and stored in our network environment in a token. The token allows authorized users access to transaction information as needed for returns and other operations while maintaining a protected system.

Transmit Encrypted Card Data = Peace of Mind

Using Point-to-Point Encryption, the processor encrypts the credit card data as soon as the card is swiped by your customer.

This process ensures that sensitive card information is encrypted throughout its lifecycle in your environment and minimizes the risk of an unauthorized user scraping that credit card data from database memory.

A green box with a padlock will appear on your POS screen when the data has been encrypted and is being transferred securely.

Automated Credit Card Settlements

Automate your settlements to happen daily at the time of your choosing or settle transactions remotely using the NCR Secure Pay merchant portal. You have flexibility with credit card settlements since the card information is removed from your database and secured on a separate host.

By POS Highway Staff | July 24th, 2023 | Security | 1 Comment
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