Why Do You Need A Mobile Inventory System?

A retail business is much more than simply a shop – it’s not just important for the person who is running the business, but it also plays an important role in the daily lives of people across the world. Every passing day you would think of several ideas that may or may not increase the profit margin so you can sustain your business in this competitive economy.

There are many things that separate a good retail business and a bad retail business, and one of them is inventory. There are hundreds of online stores and retail outlets that offer high-end products, but not everyone retail store reaches to top, doesn’t it?

Inventory management is one of the most important and defining factors that is capable of making or breaking an eCommerce business.

But since the world met with Covid-19, everything changed, and so did the prevailing business models. Modern problems required modern solutions, and this is where mobile inventory stepped in.

What is mobile inventory?

Mobile technology has changed everything – not just the way we live but also the way we do business. The regular and conventional way of managing inventory is outdated. Today, it’s all about having the latest tools and devices in the working environment for managing and tracking goods. With the help of robust mobile applications, employees who are in warehouses or are aware of the current scenario as the information is updated while the data is made accessible in real-time by the entire workforce that is connected to it.

Inventory management isn’t the same as what it used to be back in the old days, thanks to mobile technology. Many organizations that are taking time to adapt to mobile solutions aren’t only losing their competitive advantage, but they are also losing revenue on obsolete processes and workflows.

This is where POS Highway comes in

Whether you have single or multiple stores with a central warehouse, your success depends on effective inventory management.

Your inventory and shipping logistics is practically automated, streamline every aspect of your inventory management and distribution process.

From scanning, picking, packing, and transfer of inventory, you can kick back while Counterpoint does all the heavy lifting.

Warehouse Management

NCR Counterpoint Warehouse Management module simplifies your inventory distribution processes from a central warehouse to multiple stores.


Counterpoint’s leading-edge purchasing, allocation, and replenishment methodologies let you gain insight into your inventory and help you make better-informed decisions.

Use progressive analytics to sort your data by departments, brands, collections, or seasons for better performance monitoring.

Below are the features of our mobile inventory system that makes it the most sought after system by business owners.

Item Manager

Access and modify current item information in your product database in real-time.

Product Look-up

Look up product stock quantities, SKUs, descriptions, departments, and price.

Inventory Receiving/Transfer

Receive and transfer your purchases with or without purchase orders.

Mobile Printing

Generate and print barcode and shipping labels or reports on the fly.

Sales Order Management

Manage sales orders, picking, and packing for fulfillment through a single system.

Mobile Sales

Your staff can create sales orders and invoice from wherever they stand.

Multiple Bins and Locations

Manage unlimited products between multiple warehouses, store locations, and bins.

Price Checker

Use a mobile device to look up and compare prices for your customers.

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