Why do you need a CRM for your e-commerce business?

Happy customers mean happy business – if you want to grow your business, then you should focus on good relationships with your customers. A good customer is like a blessing – they will keep doing business with you as long as they need your services, and when they leave, they’ll tell their friends and family about your company and the products you offer, which is a win-win for you.

If you don’t have good customer relations, then you won’t only lose your current customers, but you also won’t get any new business. Despite their importance to sales, most retailers don’t give much attention to customer service or use a dedicated platform to manage customer relationships. They solely rely on second-rate tools, ad-hoc interactions, and inefficient processes that eventually fail to maximize the value of customer relationships along with data.

Without good relationships with loyal customers, a retailer must constantly scramble to attract new customers, surviving month-to-month on the unpredictable success of discounts and marketing stunts.

They rely on ad-hoc interactions, second-rate tools, and inefficient processes that fail to maximize the value of customer relationships and data.
Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are specialized tools that assist retailers in building improved relationships, using data to attract new customers, and extract more value from existing relationships.

A CRM platform also gathers data from different sources, including, marketing platforms eCommerce stores, and payment processors. The data might also include customer sales data, contact details, support data, account information, and records of other interactions with customers.

Because all of the appropriate data is gathered in one place, it can be segmented, compared, and analyzed in different ways that weren’t possible when data was locked away in different applications. For many marketing and sales professionals, a CRM easily replaces an intricate set of difficult to maintain spreadsheets with a single dashboard that is easy to operate and maintain.

The difference a CRM can make for an e-commerce business

A CRM is much more than managing relationships and providing a great customer experience. According to one study, a CRM not only improves customer relationships, but it also increases customer loyalty. If you integrate a CRM with your business, then you’ll get:

  • Competency
  • Commitment
  • Capability to establish the relationship
  • Solving the customer’s problem
  • Quality of the relationship
  • Trust

Enter POS Highway

POS High is the leading solutions provider of the e-commerce industry; from inventory management to warehouse fulfillment, we offer everything in between. Below are some of the reasons why you should use our CRM solution.

Nurture customer relationships

Engage customers and build stronger relationships with Counterpoint’s powerful built-in CRM module.

In the new battle for customer retention, using the right technology to manage customer data and interactions will be your bread and butter. Constructing an enriching shopping experience with the right CRM will undeniably drive customer loyalty and your business’s growth.

Real-time client database management

Capture customer behavior and trends to optimize your sales and promotions with powerful data analytics tools. Access and manage all client information, including orders, layaways, personal information, and contact information from any device.

You can even manage their accounts receivable, sales quotes, credit cards on file, and deliveries through Counterpoint.

Targeted campaigns across all channels

For retailers, NCR Counterpoint’s CRM helps to build personalized customer experiences across all channels, including brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Besides managing the database, our marketing tools help you keep your customers’ needs top of mind, listening to what they want, and responding in a timely manner with loyalty programs, email marketing, and gift cards.

By connecting sales associates, partners, and employees with key information about your customers, you allow everyone to provide the right products and the kind of service that builds evangelists to your brand.

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