Why NCR Counterpoint’s Inventory Management Module Is What Your Business Needs?

Inventory is the backbone of the any and every business. From product stocking to cost control, inventory management is the one area that plays a key role in creating success for your business. The frontal operations take the stage and show you exactly how that specific business is at what it does. However, the real work goes on backstage with effective inventory management making majority of the back-end operations possible for you and your business.

Gone are the days when complete inventory teams had to work tirelessly to manage optimum business inventory levels. With large amounts of inventory being pulled in to businesses continuously, a designated system is necessary to manage multiple areas. Our experts at NCR Counterpoint understand how important inventory management can turn out to be for the success and return on investment for your business. This is mainly why NCR counterpoint offers an excellent inventory management model that focuses on maximizing business profits via fluent inventory management.

How does NCR Counterpoint’s Inventory management work?

Counterpoint offers a diverse range of inventory management features assisting businesses around the world. From automatically arranging variant bundle items to promoting add-on sales and up-sells, Counterpoint’s inventory management module enables you to successfully look over several different areas and back-office operations.

The idea behind this module was to work with one complete point of sales system that enables business owners to manage everything between stocking locations to analyzing seasonal trends; with just a few taps on the POS system. With the NCR counterpoint, this indefinite goal was easily achieved. Counterpoint offers a unique set of features in its inventory management module. Some of the highlighted features include:

  • Inventory Quantity Tracking and Transactions
  • Cross Location Inventory Tracking
  • Item Pricing Classification
  • Bundle Items Classification
  • Upsell and Add-Ons Promotions
  • ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ Seasonal Item Classification
  • Seasonal Trend Analysis
  • Turn Rates Analysis and Improvement

Which Industries Can Benefit From Counterpoint’s Inventory Management Module?

The experts at NCR made sure that Counterpoint was nothing but the best, most immaculate point of sales system for any and every industry. With the inventory management module, they kept the same ideology. From small grocery stores to entire supermarkets, from museum gift shops to garden houses, the inventory management module applies to clients belonging to a diverse range of industries. Selling the same shirt in 6 different colors and 5 different sizes? We understand the pain! Re-entering each combination of the inventory can really get on one’s nerves and additionally can kill lots of precious time. With the gridded item feature, NCR Counterpoint enables multiple different industries to add different variants of the same inventory seamlessly.

How does Inventory Management Help Businesses Around The World Thrive?

Inventory acts as the backbone of every business belonging to any and every industry around the world. Properly managed inventory can lead your business to improved sales, controlled cost structure, and maximum profitability. With its integrated BOGO and twofer pricing feature, we enable your business to maximizing its customer loyalty.

With the NCR Counterpoint, the control of the cost is always in your hands. With features like margin driven pricing and promotional pricing integrated right inside the inventory management module, we help you control all business costs in just a few clicks on your POS system.

The inventory management module additionally helps boost sales flow with the help of detailed and in-depth reports for sales, seasonal trends and more. Running out of a special item? Send in automated purchase orders directly from your POS system enabling you to maximize customer retention for your business.

All in all the integrated inventory management module enables businesses around the world in maximizing performance while strengthening their core product line’s supply and demand without running into hassles. Get your hands on the NCR counterpoint today to witness the inventory management module first hand.

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