How To Manage Product Variants – Gridded Items by NCR Counterpoint

Inventory management is perhaps one of the most areas to maintain for every retail business, but product variants are especially tricky. Your inventory is the backbone of your business. It is the sole factor that keeps your business going steady at every aspect. Today, in the retail industry, it is not possible for a business to survive without technical inventory management.

As the world paces up, businesses all over the world have started to opt for advanced software and computer applications to manage inventory throughout their business structure. Where it sounds like a boom into the technical sphere that’s much needed for retail businesses, it is important to understand that these businesses come with an added cost.

It is also important to know that even though most of these applications allow you to upload and manage inventory, the majority of these applications do not allow you to upload multiple versions of the same inventory. For businesses across the retail industry ranging from clothing outlets to grocery shops, this can be a problem. Where businesses are opting these products to reduce manpower and promote management, without features like multi-dimensional product variants, this can be a waste of time and money.

This is where the experts at NCR come in with their unique and one of a kind gridded items feature integrated directly into their premier point of sale system.

How Does The Gridded Items Feature Work?

For retail businesses around the world, NCR Counterpoint eased out the process of uploading variant based inventory with the integrated gridded items feature.

A gridded may be defined as a variant product or a multidimensional product that may be available in a number of different variants. These products are generally the same product but with little modifications to differ from each other.

Some good examples are pieces of clothing such as shirts that may come in a variety of sizes such as small, medium, large, XL, XXL, medium fit and more whereas also adapt to some other variables such as a different fabric, a different color, etc. This doesn’t just apply to apparel, a grocery store may sell a variety of different types of juices with different flavors and different quantity-based sizes, whereas a shoe store may sell a variety of different sizes and colors of the same shoe. This is one important feature that adapts to every business in the retail world.

Our POS system provides you the ability to assign up to three different variants per product. Once the user starts defining a gridded item, he/she must also define its basic grid dimensions such as the color and the size, together with all other possibilities. Each of these variations for a product is called a cell. Too tired from creating a custom grid for similar products? No problem! The software provides you the ability to copy an entire grid with ease.

The software also allows you to create a custom barcode for each of the product variants defining them as different products in the same system. This allows for world-class product management at the touch of a few buttons.

All in all, the NCR counterpoint can be the perfect all-out solution for inventory management, point of sales, revenue management, and more all in one place. Get your hands on the NCR counterpoint today!

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