Lighting Choices to Improve Sales at Your Retail Store – Visual Merchandising Tips

Increase Revenue by Installing the Right Lighting In Your Space

The lighting of a room dictates the mood or feeling of space and it’s the first thing people notice when they enter. Lighting is especially important in retail spaces because it impacts the way product displays are interacted with by customers and what a customer will spend money on. Creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers will be heavily dependent on the lighting choices made when designing the store.

Lighting has the power to make or break sales of a store because of the mood it will convey to customers. It’s important that the mood is fitting to the products that are sold in the store. The appropriate lighting of a retail store can positively improve the business and even increase sales, here’s how:

The Aesthetic Values

The way a retail store looks is what is going to drive sales. If a store has gorgeous, well-lit displays and looks clean and sophisticated, the likelihood of sales is higher than a store that looks like the displays were haphazardly thrown together. Lighting specifically adds to the aesthetic values of retail space.

The way light is projected onto different areas and products are key to improving sales. In terms of retail spaces, it’s recommended to use bright display lights around new products in order to draw customers over to them. Similarly, using bright white lights can provide an elegant and clean look to a retail space.

Choose The Right Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are often focal points within a retail space which makes it important to choose light fixtures that make sense in your retail store. Ask yourself who your customer demographic is. Are you attempting to attract young people in their twenties, or are you trying to attract businessmen and women? Likewise, does your store sell bright, party clothes or do you sell suits and business attire? The lighting fixtures in both of these spaces will be vastly different because of the different scenarios tied to the different demographics.

If your demographic is the young people in their twenties, you may want to choose lighting fixtures that are more authentic and eclectic rather than standard, classic lighting fixtures. Classic lighting fixtures will be better used for the businessmen and women.

The right lighting fixtures will make your store look a certain way and this will bring customers in and keep them coming back; therefore boosting sales. Lighting fixtures can be lights directly installed into the ceiling, lights hanging from the ceiling or even lamps throughout the store.

Use Product Focused Lighting

Product focused lighting creates a visual hierarchy that is important in retail stores. Projecting light onto certain products can draw customers to certain products they may not have noticed or bought otherwise.

Spotlights and backlights

Using spotlights and backlights are perhaps the most important forms of lighting in a retail store. Spotlights will illuminate products and will make an area look attractive; especially if the product displays are also arranged in an attractive way. Backlights are also great lighting choices that will increase sales because they will allow for larger areas to have attention drawn to them. Backlights are brighter than the general lighting in the store.

Install LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs in a retail store offer one of the biggest pragmatic values to a retail space. LED light bulbs are the biggest trend in lighting right now because of their copious benefits. Lasting for up to 30,000-50,00 hours, compared to standard light bulbs that only last about 1,000 hours, LED light bulbs are a great choice for retail stores because they are brighter. Bright LED lights are a great addition to spotlight and backlight lighting fixtures in retail spaces.

LED lights are also great additions for a retail space because of their prolonged lifespan. Since LED lights last significantly longer than other lighting fixtures, they will not need to be replaced often which is convenient not only in terms of saving money, but customers will be inconvenienced less frequently by laborers installing the bulbs/

LED light bulbs can be installed into almost any lighting fixture, especially with the use of an LED retrofit kit. These kits convert any lighting fixture into an LED one, allowing you to incorporate LED lighting in your retail space. LED lights can be installed on the outside of retail space as well with an HID retrofit kit.

How Lighting Temperatures Will Impact Sales

The temperature of light in stores is another lighting aspect that will impact sales. Warm and cozy/comfortable lighting is going to draw customers in more so than bright, cool lighting. Though cool lighting is great for spotlights, too much isn’t pleasing to the eye and can even turn customers off from a retail space.

Creating Efficient and Practical Lighting in Your Store

Lighting can be one of the many ways you can increase sales in your retail space. The proper lighting will make customers feel comfortable and keep them coming back. It’s important to use various lighting in a space to convey the perfect mood that is relevant to the products you are selling. Keep these simple points in mind as you use lighting to your advantage in your retail store


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