iPad Point of Sale for Restaurants

Intuitive and User-friendly

iTab is feature rich software with premium hardware, bringing you the ultimate POS, essential for managing any business.

Transform your iPad into a Counter Top Register or use as a Mobile Point of Sale. Our Stylish and Dependable Hardware is designed to plug and play. Simply plug in your hardware, download your software app onto your iPad, and begin taking payments!

Customizable and Flexible

Customizable Functionality at your fingertips. Create custom menus, navigate easily with the responsive touch-screen, set in-store pricing and process quickly to keep your lines moving.

Notification icons right on the POS interface tell you when updates are available so your POS software is always up to date and you are on your A-game.

Mobile POS Technology


iTab gives you the freedom and flexibility to take orders and process payments wherever your feet are planted.

Increase Sales

Increase sales by accepting payments anywhere your customers are. So go ahead, grab your iPad, your card reader and get out there! Connect to 3G /4G or WiFi and easily create orders and process payments.


Rest assured that all of your sales, inventory, and reports are backed up for you no matter where you take payments.

Customer Loyalty

Access important customer information, viewpoints earned and redeem points all from your Point of Sale. The only thing that needs to be plugged in is your customer’s information.

Print or Email Receipts

It’s all about options. Offer your customers a printed receipt with the Bluetooth printer or have your customers sign and email their receipt right from the iPad.

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Synced Data

Universal Saved Ticket

Create a ticket on one iPad, add items at another then accept payment at the main register.

Split and Transfer Tickets

Transfer tickets between employees. Open any ticket on any iPad POS to add items or quickly split tickets.

Printer Queue

Be confident when printing multiple tickets to selected printers. Receipts and prep-tickets are printed in the order in which they are received.

Better Service

iTab platform supports your business needs with one register or many! Maximize efficiency and offer a better customer experience with table-side ordering.

Payment Processing

Pay In/Out

Enter your register start and end amount to track and balance daily cash flow.

Multiple Tender Types

Accept multiple tender types on a single ticket then track sales by tender type.


Create, save and edit ticket information and let your customers pay when it is convenient for them.

No Sale

Need to get in the dash drawer? A no-sale button will open your cash drawer for you without having to process a sale.

Split Tickets

Easily split a ticket evenly, right down the middle, or create a custom-split with as many tickets as you need. Drag and drop items to disperse them quickly.


Searchable ticket numbers and ticket history let you pull up past orders and process refunds back to your customers.


We help you protect your customer’s sensitive payment information as if our business depends on it – because it does.


Payment Varieties

Accept cash, credit or debit card, and mobile payments such as Apple Pay.

Splits and Transfers

Split, transfer, disable tax or apply discounts during checkout. Transfer tickets between staff members, save tickets for a later checkout, then move to the next in line.

Notes and Customization

Create specialized prices with in-store pricing buttons, attach notes to an order to customize and easily pull up for reorders, and finally print or email customized receipts – include your logo or a special message.

Order History and Returns


Assign a customer’s name or phone number to their order – reordering made easy. Returned items or ticket data are displayed with grid or graph options.

Reprint prep-tickets or customer receipts, create and view notes on returns and adjustments.

Order History

Search saved tickets by ticket or table number, customer name or phone number, and pull up failed transactions under ticket history.

Order history is also viewable by date, order type, tender type, customer name, customer email address or ticket number.

Employee Accountability

View returns, voids and discounts by employee, and other filterable options to view a list of each of these transactions.


Bluetooth Enabled Printing

Configure an unlimited number of receipt or pre-printers for your kitchen, bar or warehouse.

Enable your Bluetooth printer if your business is mobile or if you are having a special event. Define which items are directed to each of your printers.

Printer Queue guarantees your tickets are printing to the designated printers in the order in which entered. Easily reprint tickets and receipts.

Personalize Receipts

Add your company logo, special text and fields to printed or emailed receipts. Add notes to items that print on prep-printers.

Prep- Tickets & receipts can be customized to show what is important: Staff Name, Customer Name, Table Number or Address.

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