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WooCommerce and Salesforce CRM Data Integration

Beautifully Consistent Synced Data

Integrate WooCommerce to Salesforce CRM with our custom sync app. Our solution works out of the box and eliminates time-consuming manual double-entry and centralizes the management of data between two parallel systems.

Connect just about any field out of WooCommerce and WordPress to Salesforce CRM. The objects we sync include orders, users (accounts), and products, and product categories. In the event you want specific fields from either system to be integrated, our expert developers can further customize the solution to add-in and map custom fields accordingly.

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Synced Orders and Inventory

All catalog information for your websites such as item information, images, videos, prices, and quantities, are exported directly from WooCommerce store to your eCommerce website.

Any product additions or modifications from your point of sale will refresh on your website automatically.

Send completed order and customer information to Salesforce.

Customer Online Portal

Your customers can manage their account information through your website with ease. They can manage their personal, billing, order, and shipping details conveniently which syncs with their profile in Salesforce CRM.

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    We are now in love with the features of Counterpoint, and are always planning what to do next with all the features that are available.

    We can offer over $100,000 in discounts yearly because of Counterpoint’s extensive report library, giving us a competitive edge.

    Counterpoint enables you to track real-time sales and analyze how items are moving at each store.

    Mike Spitzer, Bohme

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