Merchandise Planning and Open to Buy Integration

Optimal Planning

Make profitable purchasing and distribution decisions based on accurate merchandise analytics and tools.

Effective Organizational Collaboration

Reconcile all financial and merchandise plans towards your organization’s strategic business targets.

Geographic & Product Class Trends

Deliver allocation forecasts beyond internal data review with geographic and product class analytics.

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Cross-channel Merchandise Planning & Open to Buy

Stop guessing why certain products are still sitting on your shelves. By analyzing your historical sales and inventory data, our software can predict quantities of a product to purchase, in addition to pricing and allocating your products for optimal profitability across all store locations and channels.

Increase your revenue and margin by enabling cross-channel planning and collaboration, providing insights into customer demand and offering executable recommendations to optimize profitability.

Retail Science for Accurate Forecasting

Keeping up with the demands of your customers can be difficult to achieve, this is where our integrated software comes in. Using robust retail science, OTB is calculated through powerful automation and intelligence tools tuned to your specific merchandise.

Create merchandise, financial, department, class, category, and replenishment plans through one smart system. This provides a common demand forecast across the enterprise.

Maximize Lifecycle Pricing

Achieve optimal recommendations on markdown candidates and pricing based on their risk of being unsold at the end of the selling period, maximizing profitability over the lifecycle.

Markdown Implications Simulation

Easily combine consumer demand with advanced predictive and simulation techniques to optimize every possible pricing scenario. Deliver a workflow and decision framework that allows for what-if scenarios and comparisons.

Maximize margins over the item’s entire lifecycle, not just during the full-price selling period. Monitor performance of past and ongoing markdown activities against financial and operational goals.

Boost Return on Inventory Investment

Improve plan accuracy with views into sales history, actualized weekly sales, location views, and unconstrained forecasts. This allows you to eliminate plan discrepancies and organizational silos with reconciled plan visibility into multiple planning groups.

Increase profits by supporting proactive retail management, resulting in fewer lost sales, excessive markdowns, and unprofitable exit strategies. Enable receipt flow planning down to the weekly or daily level to maximize return on inventory investment.

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