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Supported Counterpoint eCommerce Integrations: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento

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    Popular Supported Platforms

    We can integrate eCommerce platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce! Call us today to see if your eCommerce platform is supported.

    WooCommerce to Counterpoint

    Magento to Counterpoint

    Shopify to Counterpoint

    Make Product Changes Once

    All catalog information for your websites such as item information, images, videos, prices, and quantities, are exported directly from NCR Counterpoint inventory to your eCommerce website.

    Any additions or modifications to your products from your point of sale will refresh on your website automatically.

    Customer Online Portal

    Your customers can manage their account information through your website with ease.

    They can manage their personal, billing, and shipping details conveniently which syncs with their Counterpoint profile.

    Sell on Amazon, Ebay, and other Marketplaces

    Boost profitability by listing your products on popular marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay!

    You can manage your marketplace orders and product feeds all from one central integrated system.

    Over 40+ Mappable Fields

    There are several Counterpoint POS fields that can be mapped to your web store to manage customer, product, and order information.

    Sync from Counterpoint to eCommerce:

    • Item #
    • Item name
    • Department/Category Name
    • Manufacturer
    • Description
    • Image
    • Price – Retail, Price Level A/B/C
    • Sales price
    • Color
    • Size
    • Quantity
    • Style Matrix
    • Various other fields
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    Sync from eCommerce to Counterpoint:

    • Order Number
    • Customer Bill To name
    • Bill to Address
    • Customer Ship To Name
    • Ship to Address
    • Email address
    • Phone Number
    • Item code
    • Item quantity
    • Item Price
    • Discount Amount
    • Row total
    • Gross Total and Tax

      Our Clients


      martha clara vineyards

      A year ago, our company switched from Microsoft Dynamics to NCR Counterpoint with the help of the staff at POS Highway. Admittedly, we were nervous. Who wouldn’t be when switching over POS systems? There’s a lot to learn and prepare for.

      We found the transition process to be smoother than we ever could have expected, and that is in part thanks to the intuitiveness of Counterpoint, but mainly due to the excellent preparation, training, and support from the staff at POS Highway.

      minnicks logo transparent

      NCR Counterpoint Cloud is the perfect point of sale solution for us, packed with robust features every liquor and tobacco store owner dreams of. Now my stores are managed centrally by one system, connecting the inventory and physical counts across all locations. This ensures my associates know exactly what is in stock and is able to meet our customers’ expectations.


      I have found little that this point of sale can’t do for standard SKU’s.   I can report on anything.  I can compare dates on sales from this year and last year within seconds. Searching for data is a breeze!  I can find out anything. ATF loves me. Making data-driven business decisions is a snap.

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