Constant Contact & CounterPoint Integration by POS Highway


At POS Highway, we understand the critical role that targeted marketing plays in driving engagement and fostering customer loyalty. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the seamless integration between Counterpoint and Constant Contact, designed to supercharge your marketing efforts and streamline your outreach strategies.

What is the Counterpoint-Constant Contact Integration?

Our integration brings together the powerful point-of-sale (POS) capabilities of Counterpoint with the robust email marketing features of Constant Contact. This dynamic duo allows you to effortlessly transfer your customer contacts from Counterpoint into Constant Contact, enabling you to launch targeted marketing campaigns with ease.

Key Features and Benefits

Utilize the seamless integration between Counterpoint and Constant Contact to effortlessly transfer your contacts for targeted marketing initiatives. With the Counterpoint-Constant Contact Integration, users have the flexibility to enable or disable the selection of consumers for specific marketing campaigns, granting them the freedom to participate in one or multiple campaigns based on their preferences.

This streamlined process ensures that your marketing efforts are efficiently tailored to reach the right audience, optimizing engagement and maximizing the impact of your campaigns. With the power to control and fine-tune your outreach strategies, you can effectively nurture leads and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Deliver the perfect message at the perfect time

By leveraging the detailed customer data stored in Counterpoint, you can create highly targeted marketing campaigns in Constant Contact. Whether you’re segmenting your audience based on purchase history, preferences, or demographics, our integration empowers you to deliver personalized messages that resonate with your customers. The result? Higher engagement rates and more effective marketing campaigns.


Effortless contact transfer

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually exporting and importing contacts. With our integration, your customer data flows seamlessly from Counterpoint to Constant Contact app.

  • Ensures that your contact lists are always up-to-date
  • Reduces the risk of errors
  • Saves you time

CRM Constant Contact

Streamlined marketing for maximum efficiency

The integration between Counterpoint and Constant Contact is designed to streamline your marketing efforts. With a simplified workflow, you can focus on crafting compelling content and strategic planning, rather than getting bogged down by technicalities. This efficiency allows you to allocate more resources to nurturing leads and cultivating lasting customer relationships.

  • Optimize engagement, nurture leads and more
  • Customization ensures that your messages are always relevant and well-received



Streamlined marketing

Simplify your social media management

Publish to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn with just one click. Stay connected across various platforms by managing and responding to messages, mentions, and comments on Facebook and Instagram directly from your account.

  • Unified Dashboard to manage all your social media interactions from one place
  • Instantly respond to messages and comments to keep your audience engaged
  • Schedule and publish content across multiple platforms with a single action



Connect with and engage more customers through SMS marketing

Text messages feel more personal than emails, making SMS marketing an easy and effective way to keep customers engaged. Struggling to find the right words? Our AI transforms your keywords into engaging content for your SMS campaign.

  • Simple Editor, Powerful SMS
  • Detailed SMS analytics for curated success
  • Grow your email and SMS lists with Text-to-Join and custom landing pages


Control and fine-tune your outreach

Every business is unique, and so are its marketing needs. Our integration grants you the power to control and fine-tune your outreach strategies. Whether you’re running a seasonal promotion, a loyalty program, or a new product launch, you have the tools to tailor your campaigns for maximum impact. Adjust your messaging, frequency, and audience with ease to achieve the best results.

Finetune your outreach

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