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True point of sale features to drive your vape and smoke shop

With the continued, rapid growth in the e-cigarette, smoke, vape retail industry, it is critical to have a POS system that makes selling easy, keeps track of an extensive inventory, and integrates with an online store. Counterpoint POS can effectively manage thousands of e-juice flavors with different nicotine levels, PG/VG mix, bottle sizes, and just about any product dimension you need.

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Point of Sale

Our three-dimensional grid makes it easy to manage product variants, such as e-juice bottle size, flavor, and nicotine level.

Bundle products, suggest items and create kits for upselling or cross-selling. Manage sales, returns, special orders, backorders, and layaways all on the same ticket.

Point of Sale Overview

Inventory Management

Easily track inventory by bulk, bottle, pallet, or custom shipment size. Easily view and transfer items from store to store with robust multi-location capabilities.

Since Counterpoint has an open-source database enables you to export your data into other programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Our inventory management hardware allows you to streamlines receiving, counting, ordering, and audits with wireless barcode scanners.

Inventory Management Overview


Create a beautiful online store that integrates your orders, customers, and inventory in Counterpoint! We support popular solutions such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

Track customers’ favorite juices, tanks, mods, etc. are stored in a detailed customer profile. Built-in CRM allows you to analyze trends about your customers and products for further remarketing opportunities.

eCommerce Integrations Overview

Customer Loyalty and Marketing

Execute email marketing campaigns and loyalty programs straight from the POS system.

Send targetted email specials and deals to your customer segments for repeat business.

Create your own loyalty programs and gift cards with custom rules and parameters for point scale, accumulation, and reward redemption.

Customer Loyalty Overview

Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you design the perfect POS system for your business.

Whether you want to optimize your business processes or improve customer service, we can help. Give us a call at 1-888-881-1988 or visit our contact us page.


Sell your merchandise effortlessly

  • With a configurable touchscreen, you can tailor Counterpoint  POS to fit your business and streamline operations, minimize errors, and maximize profits. 

  • In addition, you can also capture and analyze data to respond to the diversity of stores based on demographics, climate, and geography.

  • Counterpoint can easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways – even on a single ticket.

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Sell with speed and accuracy

  • Counterpoint inventory solutions for smoke and vape shops provide the functionality you need to allocate the right product and the right size to the right location.

  • Save time and import hundreds of products at once with the item import worksheet from the suppliers catalog.
  • Record everything you need to know about your products and inventory. Track them by flavor, unit size, nicotine content (mg), PG/VG ratio, and just about any dimension you can think of.

  • Design labels with your logo, print beautiful tags and labels on demand.

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Discover new and valuable insights in your data

  • See today’s sales performance or take a look at the past years with historical data and analysis. 

  • Built-in reports make it easy to see sales, profits by items, category, customers, and suppliers, practically by any dimension you can imagine.

  • View, schedule, print, export, and e-mail any report. Create quick reports on the fly and save your filters for future reporting.

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Reduce stock overages and shortages with advanced purchasing

  • Manage vendor items, costs, and lead times. Automatically create purchase orders from preferred suppliers or the suppliers with the lowest costs.
  • Receive merchandise with or without a PO and automatically transfer the right quantities to other retail locations.

  • Create multi-store purchase orders – consolidated for all locations or separate for each store to save time and to receive volume discounts from suppliers.

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Protecting data by keeping it out of scope

  • NCR Secure Pay uses a process called tokenization to store a code, instead of storing sensitive credit card information in your store’s database.

  • The token allows authorized users access to transaction information as needed for returns and other operations while maintaining a protected system.

  • ​With multiple security layers, NCR Secure Pay minimizes your risk for a credit card security breach.

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Engage with customers better

  • Create detailed customer profiles with their contact information, shipping details, product preferences, purchase history and your own custom attributes.

  • Run unlimited loyalty programs, email marketing campaigns, and promotions.
  • Create custom menu buttons for top-selling items – speeding up the checkout experience for your staff and customers.

  • Offer layaways, special orders, store credit and gift cards, you save time and provide a better and more flexible customer experience.

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Multi locations software fit for your retail business

  • Centrally manage prices and products, stock levels, tax rates, customers, employees, and reporting across all your stores, and warehouses painlessly.

  • Manage inventory levels and pull up item lookup across all stores, and transfer products to other stores where they sell best.
  • Use a wide range of variables and filters to understand what is happening across all store locations, at any time. Identify problem areas that require immediate action or opportunities for growth.

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Business owners have great things to say about advanced reports and analytics

  • Insightful sales analysis report by customers, segments, products, departments, and lifetime value.
  • Robust merchandise analysis report helps to track inventory by top-selling and slow-moving, product returns, GMROI, and more.

  • Margin analysis and markup/down management worksheet
  • Inventory transfer analysis and replenishment worksheet

NCR Counterpoint Testimonials

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