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True point of sale features to drive your sporting goods store

Providing you an arsenal of retail management solutions with the best POS system for wholesale and retail sports apparel, equipment, goods stores. Counterpoint provides a full ecosystem of solutions for you to manage inventory, generate sales, and supercharge your overall operation.

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sporting goods store pos system
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Point of Sale

Easily train your sales associate to manage sales, look up customer and inventory data, and process payments.

All returns, back-orders, layaways, discounts, and specials can be processed at any of your store locations. Run Counterpoint on iPad! Sell your products and ring up customers anywhere with our mobile POS technology.

Create product bundles and kits at the point of sale, such as a ski gear bundle with gloves, binding, boots, poles, etc. Calculate sales commissions for each item on the sales ticket based on either the sale amount or the gross profit.

Point of Sale Overview

Customer Loyalty and Marketing

Create custom gift card and loyalty programs on the fly! Set your own rules for point scale, accumulation, and reward redemption.

Run targeted email marketing campaigns to your customer segments to drive revenue gains and repeat business.

Customer Loyalty and Gift Cards

Email Marketing Overview


Sell your merchandise effortlessly

  • With a configurable touchscreen, you can tailor Counterpoint  POS to fit your business and streamline operations, minimize errors, and maximize profits. 

  • In addition, you can also capture and analyze data to respond to the diversity of stores based on demographics, climate, and geography.

  • Counterpoint can easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways – even on a single ticket.

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Sell with speed and accuracy

  • Counterpoint inventory solutions for sporting goods provide the functionality you need to allocate the right product and the right size to the right location.

  • Record everything you need to know about your sporting goods inventory. Track products by category, subcategories, color, sizes, styles, and accurately allocate them to the right store.

  • Design labels with your logo, print beautiful tags and labels on demand.

  • Save time and import hundreds of products at once with the item import worksheet from the suppliers catalog.
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Discover new and valuable insights in your data

  • See today’s sales performance or take a look at the past years with historical data and analysis. 

  • Built-in reports make it easy to see sales, profits by items, category, customers, and suppliers, practically by any dimension you can imagine.

  • View, schedule, print, export, and e-mail any report. Create quick reports on the fly and save your filters for future reporting.

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Reduce stock overages and shortages with advanced purchasing

  • Receive merchandise with or without a PO and automatically transfer the right quantities to other retail locations.

  • Manage vendor items, costs, and lead times. Automatically create purchase orders from preferred suppliers or the suppliers with the lowest costs.
  • Create multi-store purchase orders – consolidated for all locations or separate for each store to save time and to receive volume discounts from suppliers.

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Protecting data by keeping it out of scope

  • NCR Secure Pay uses a process called tokenization to store a code, instead of storing sensitive credit card information in your store’s database.

  • The token allows authorized users access to transaction information as needed for returns and other operations while maintaining a protected system.

  • ​With multiple security layers, NCR Secure Pay minimizes your risk for a credit card security breach.

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Engage with customers better

  • Create detailed customer profiles with their contact information, shipping details, product preferences, purchase history and your own custom attributes.

  • Run unlimited loyalty programs, email marketing campaigns, and promotions.
  • Create custom menu buttons for top-selling items – speeding up the checkout experience for your staff and customers.

  • Offer layaways, special orders, store credit and gift cards, you save time and provide a better and more flexible customer experience.

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Multi locations software fit for your retail business

  • Centrally manage prices and products, stock levels, tax rates, customers, employees, and reporting across all your stores, and warehouses painlessly.

  • Manage inventory levels and pull up item lookup across all stores, and transfer products to other stores where they sell best.
  • Use a wide range of variables and filters to understand what is happening across all store locations, at any time. Identify problem areas that require immediate action or opportunities for growth.

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NCR Counterpoint Testimonials

Business owners have great things to say about advanced reports and analytics

  • Insightful sales analysis report by customers, segments, products, departments, and lifetime value.
  • Robust merchandise analysis report helps to track inventory by top-selling and slow-moving, product returns, GMROI, and more.

  • Margin analysis and markup/down management worksheet
  • Inventory transfer analysis and replenishment worksheet

View All Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

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The perfect system, configured for you

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    Supercharge Your Sports Store Sales
    With NCR Counterpoint

    Best POS Software for Sports Stores

    Make order and inventory management a breeze with the feature-packed POS software for Sports stores by NCR counterpoint. With countless front-office and back-office operations on your fingertips, NCR counterpoint offers the best functionalities and modules that you can find over the web. Get the most out of your point of sales system with NCR counterpoint.

    Best POS System For Sports Apparel and Goods Store

    Sports goods and apparel are rightly known as hotcakes in the retail industry for their significance in sales. There’s a reason why they call these goods hotcakes, they’re the world’s third most selling category in terms of high sales. In fact, European football clubs make millions of dollars’ worth of fortune just by the sports apparel and goods sales. Its importance in the industry signifies just how important POS systems for sports apparel and goods stores can be.

    NCR Counterpoint offers the best integrated solutions to assist sports goods sales for relevant businesses around the world. With complete front office and back office solutions for sports stores, Counterpoint stands significant against close competitors. Get the most out of your POS system with NCR counterpoint.

    Inventory Management and Product Management

    The experts at NCR understand that if the sales are the lifeblood of your business, the inventory surely is the backbone that keeps the business together and ever flowing. Maintain optimum inventory levels, manage real-time business operations, automate purchase orders, and handle backorders simply with the help of inventory management solutions integrated right into the heart of Counterpoint.


    The world of retail highly depends on data and the experts behind the success of counterpoint understand that dearly. Counterpoint comes integrated with 40+ different types of highly analytical reports allowing you to keep an eye on all aspects of your business in just a few taps on the screen.

    Create a customized dashboard consisting of only the metrics that you want to focus on and view real time statistics of the sales performance and inventory data numbers. Counterpoint allows you to create analyze the best performing products that you may have in real time. This allows businesses to capitalize on placing profit margins or smartly adding discounts to help the products perform to their maximum extent.

    Here’s an example: Is the Kobe Bryant Jersey performing better than the Lebron James jersey in terms of sales according to counterpoint’s statistics? Make a bundle offer and create a twofer one special to maximize both sales and profit margins.

    With the revenue that comes with a sports goods business, comes management and sales opportunities that you can capitalize on with the help of different integrated modules such as gridded items and kit bundles.

    Kit bundles are one of the hottest selling items in any sports store. From beginner’s football kits to complete baseball kits together with the bat, glove, and jersey, bundle kits are a way to promote sales for several different products at the same time. Creating a kit bundle with the NCR counterpoint is easy. Simply select the products that you want to add in the kit. Add the original price for the products and a special bundle price for the products and voila! You’re done. Want to create a bundle right at the checkout screen? Identify your top products sold together in your sports goods store and create a bundle on the fly for specific customers. Here’s an example:

    Bob sells Baseball equipment in his store separately. However, in his customized counterpoint dashboard, he witnesses a custom pattern of bats, gloves, and hats being sold in the same basket multiple times. Bob makes use of this identified pattern and creates a ‘super bundle baseball kit’ with 20% off the original bundle price. What happens next? Bob expands his original sales margins to new extents solely due to bundle sale. This way counterpoint helps you expand your revenue by identifying potential sales opportunities.

    Gridded items are another great feature embedded into the NCR counterpoint POS system specially for retail businesses such as sports goods and apparel stores. Gridded items allow you, the business owner to upload several different variations of the same product at once by adding types of variations in terms of size, shape, color, sq unit or any type of metric that may apply to the product. Sports jerseys are a great example of such products. Add jerseys once for a single team by adding home and away kits in type variations, adding S, M, L, XL, or XXL in size and of course multiple color variations. Uploading this once as a gridded product saves you the hassle of adding the same product again as a new product 6 or 7 different times. Now that’s a time saver! This also enables your customer to shop faster and convert faster promoting better ROI.

    With passionate sports fans come loyal customers directly to your store. The sporting goods industry might just be the only industry in the world with the best possible ratio of loyal customers. However, with hundreds of stores competing to provide the same products at the best prices, customer loyalty can often be negatively affected.

    While running a business such as a sports store, things can get messy in terms of customer persona identification. This is where counterpoint helps you build data backed customer profiles that help you create customer loyalty campaigns helping you retain valuable customers. Add valuable customer data such as birthdates, frequently purchased products, historical visits, chargebacks, discount codes used and more directly to the customer’s profile to identify sales opportunities efficiently. Here’s an example:

    Want to run a birthday special for your loyal customers? Simply filter customer profiles for the most frequent buyers and also filter out the products they buy the most. Offer a unique discount that’s too good to be true and voila! Get a better number of sales for your products while also pleasing your most consistent and valuable customers. It’s a win-win!

    Discounts are easy to add in the NCR counterpoint. You can create discounts “on the fly” even on the checkout screen for special customers. Counterpoint also allows you to add double the discounts for the same customers. That’s right, for certain customers eligible for double the discounts, counterpoints allow you to add more than one discount. Here’s an example on how it actually works.

    Joe, an active member of your sports membership program is eligible for 10% off on all products. However, you’re already running a special 20% flat of on all products. Counterpoint allows you to add dual-layered discounts right at the checkout enabling your customer to get the maximum advantage of the discount. You know what’s it in it for you? A valuable customer for life! Now that’s an asset that you don’t want to lose.

    Counterpoint also comes stacked with easy to use price rules for you to apply to your inventory easily. The POS system offers three different price variants for you to add to any product generally. The price-1 here remains the actual default price for your product. With advanced pricing features you can add up to 6 price vriations for the same product. Counterpoint also comes stacked with 3 different price rules for you to apply in the click of a button.

    Promotional pricing allows you to offer special prices over a specific number of products for a specific amount of time. This is significant for running flash sales campaigns for a selected group of products. e.g. 25% off Chicago Bulls’ basketball jerseys for 15 days only. This price rule is great to utilize limited time offers for specific products. Contractual pricing is great for sales offers limited to store members only this allows you to run special campaigns for boosting the loyalty of your valuable customers. Whereas the special sales is used for store-wide sale at a flat percentage or dollar amount.

    Each of these price rules can be utilized to boost revenue, customer engagement and loyalty. Want to take customer loyalty to the next level? With Counterpoint’s integrated email marketing campaign module, reach customers directly in their inbox with customized offers for the products that they like to spend on the most. These exclusive discounts in correspondence with profit margins help customers get the most out of your brand loyalty. From brand loyalty management to inventory analysis, NCR counterpoint proves to be the most complete pos system available in the market specifically for the sports retail market.

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