POS, ERP, and Wholesale Solutions for Pool Supply Businesses

Benefits of NCR Counterpoint Retail System for Pool Supply Businesses

Revamp Customer Service

Provide seamless, personalized shopping experiences across all channels.

Boost Productivity All-around

Streamline all store operations to deliver superior service and drive profits.

Track Everything

Every transaction, product, order, and customer data gets tracked and reported accurately so you’re always in the know.

Best POS Software for Pool Supply Stores

To run a pool and spa supply company effectively, you’ll need the proper retail tools, which includes the right point of sale system. Only CounterPoint can efficiently accommodate to the retailer’s need for realtime inventory, accurate maintenance of sales records, and multiple vendor management.

With the long list of inventory, ranging from tools to paints and cleaning products to electrical supplies, only CounterPoint can effectively accommodate the retailer’s need for real-time inventory, accurate maintenance of sales records, and multiple vendor management. It is key to track customers past purchases and contact information to send out targeted campaigns.

CounterPoint includes features essential to the Pool and Spa Supply retailers: efficient POS checkout, integrated scales, inventory control, built-in loyalty program, and even eCommerce capabilities. Whether it be a single store retailer or a retailer with multiple stores over multiple states, CounterPoint provides the necessary tools to boost the business of your furniture store.

Counterpoint features beneficial to Pool Supply Stores:
  • Wholesale pricing and multi-level pricing based on customer needs, customer role, or group level
  • Print in quotes and invoices and directly interface to accounting
  • Service scheduler to manage contractual, repairs, and maintenance jobs
  • Scale interface for weighing bulk inventory
  • Quick and efficient checkout
  • Effective control of inventory, reducing stock discrepancies and stock outs, while tracking inventory movement
  • Fully integrated customer loyalty programs: gift certificates, store credit, frequent shopper promotions
  • Automated purchasing calculates stock levels and creates PO’s for inventory
  • eCommerce allows retailers to upload inventory and prices to online store, while downloading online orders straight to the POS system
  • Retain full sales history and view automated reports and accompanied analysis
  • Fully-secured EMV credit card authorization
  • Integrated email marketing to promote your products to targeted customers

Building a business requires owners to make hard choices and perform hard work, but CounterPoint is one way that you can ease your burden as a small business owner so that you can create a company that works and is able to serve both you and your valued customers. Call POS Highway at 888-881-1988 for further information about the product.

Sell your merchandise effortlessly to your wholesale and retail customers


  • Apply multiple tax rates on an item level on a single receipt or invoice – ring up retail and wholesale all on the same order, apply deposits, save credit card on file, track receivables and invoices with ease.
  • We believe that great retail experiences take place when inventory management intersect perfectly with improved customer engagement at point of sale.
  • Counterpoint can easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways – even on a single ticket.
  • With a configurable touchscreen, you can tailor Counterpoint  POS to fit your business and streamline operations, minimize errors, and maximize profits.

Reduce stock overages and shortages with advanced purchasing


  • Set prices as you receive items, based on target margins you define.
  • Manage vendor items, costs, and lead times. Automatically create purchase orders from preferred suppliers or the suppliers with the lowest costs.
  • Receive merchandise with or without a PO and automatically transfer the right quantities to other retail locations.
  • Create multi-store purchase orders – consolidated for all locations or separate for each store to save time and to receive volume discounts from suppliers.

Deploy greater mobility for sales and inventory


  • Our mobile sales and inventory management tools, including tablet POS terminals and sleds for iOS and Android.
  • Deliver superior service and sales in stores, kiosks and outdoor environments.
  • Serve customers where they are, checking inventory availability, busting lines, and capturing additional business.
  • Run your physical counts with efficiency using our mobile inventory management solutions.

Discover new and valuable insights in your data


  • View, print, export, and e-mail any report. Create quick reports on the fly from search results.
  • See today’s sales performance or take a look at the past years with historical data.
  • Built-in dashboards and reports make it easy to see sales, profits by items, category, customers, and suppliers, practically by any dimension you can imagine.
  • You can even set prices as you receive items, based on target margins you define.

Sell with efficiency and tighten inventory control over your pool supply business

Our robust and sophisticated POS system is tailored to the pool supply industry, to manage a large number of vendors, large volumes of orders, and an expansive inventory.

Business owners have great things to say about advanced reports and analytics
  • Robust merchandise analysis report helps to track inventory by top-selling and slow-moving, product returns, GMROI, and more.
  • Insightful sales analysis report by customers, segments, products, departments, and lifetime value.
  • Margin analysis and markup/down management worksheet
  • Inventory transfer analysis and replenishment worksheet

NCR Counterpoint Testimonials

Sync Counterpoint POS with the platforms you trust

At POS Highway, we developed a platform to integrate NCR Counterpoint seamlessly to popular technologies and solutions. We support integrations to popular accounting and ERP’s such as QuickBooks Online, SAGE 100, Microsoft Great Plains, and many others.

From eCommerce platforms to warehouse management solutions, and order fulfillment/shipping solutions, you’re in for a true multi-channel retail ecosystem!

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