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True point of sale features to drive your pet store

Electronics retailers have specific POS requirements, with a rapidly shifting variety of products, ranging from treats by the pound to scannable chew toys. Only Counterpoint can effectively accommodate the retailer’s need to track a complex inventory and sell with efficiency.

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Best POS System for Pet Stores

Retailers of the pet shop industry need to be able to ring up items with or without barcodes.

Maintain accurate sales records and manage multiple vendors. Track customers’ past purchases and contact information to send out targeted campaigns.

Inventory Management and Purchasing

The POS concerns facing retailers in the pet shop industry can be quite varied. Some items, such as dog food in bulk, may not have barcodes and must be rung up based on weight. Other items like pet accessories and fish bowls will need to be scanned with a barcode.

Counterpoint provides this degree of versatility to your pet store, allowing you to diversify the products you sell and accurately price them. Our integrated scale POS and mobile inventory capabilities.

All inventory data is provided in real-time so your sales associates can easily look-up products and stock information. Automated purchasing capabilities can develop and use inventory information to generate purchase orders.

Inventory Management Overview

Purchase Order Management Overview

eCommerce Integrations

Link Counterpoint to your eCommerce store! All products, inventory, customer, and order data are synced bi-directionally between your eCommerce store and the POS system.

All eCommerce Integrations

Loyalty Programs and Marketing

Keep a detailed profile of your customer’s information and purchasing habits. Use the data to create audience segments (i.e. dog owners, cat owners, bird owners, etc.) to create targeted email marketing campaigns to drive repeat business.

Customize multiple loyalty programs with your own parameters for point accumulation, scale, and reward redemption.

Create gift cards on the fly for more brand awareness and additional revenue.

Customer Loyalty and Gift Cards

Email Marketing Overview

Point of Sale

Make it easier for your cashiers to handle sales efficiently with an intuitive touchscreen POS interface. Train associates in 20 minutes to ring up a sale.

Quickly process payments and enroll your customers in rewards programs in a single transaction. Process back-orders, returns, and layaways all on the same ticket if needed.

Create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by creating product bundles and kits from the POS.

Point of Sale Overview


Sell your merchandise effortlessly

  • With a configurable touchscreen, you can tailor Counterpoint  POS to fit your business and streamline operations, minimize errors, and maximize profits. 

  • In addition, you can also capture and analyze data to respond to the diversity of stores based on demographics, climate, and geography.

  • Counterpoint can easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways – even on a single ticket.

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Sell with speed and accuracy

  • Counterpoint inventory solutions for pet stores provide the functionality you need to allocate the right product and the right size to the right location.

  • Record everything you need to know about your pet shop’s inventory. Track products by any unit you need, and accurately allocate your products to the right store.

  • Design labels with your logo, print beautiful tags and labels on demand.

  • Save time and import hundreds of products at once with the item import worksheet from the suppliers catalog.
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Discover new and valuable insights in your data

  • See today’s sales performance or take a look at the past years with historical data and analysis. 

  • Built-in reports make it easy to see sales, profits by items, category, customers, and suppliers, practically by any dimension you can imagine.

  • View, schedule, print, export, and e-mail any report. Create quick reports on the fly and save your filters for future reporting.

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Reduce stock overages and shortages with advanced purchasing

  • Manage vendor items, costs, and lead times. Automatically create purchase orders from preferred suppliers or the suppliers with the lowest costs.
  • Receive merchandise with or without a PO and automatically transfer the right quantities to other retail locations.

  • Create multi-store purchase orders – consolidated for all locations or separate for each store to save time and to receive volume discounts from suppliers.

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Protecting data by keeping it out of scope

  • NCR Secure Pay uses a process called tokenization to store a code, instead of storing sensitive credit card information in your store’s database.

  • The token allows authorized users access to transaction information as needed for returns and other operations while maintaining a protected system.

  • ​With multiple security layers, NCR Secure Pay minimizes your risk for a credit card security breach.

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Engage with customers better

  • Create detailed customer profiles with their contact information, shipping details, product preferences, purchase history and your own custom attributes.

  • Run unlimited loyalty programs, email marketing campaigns, and promotions.
  • Create custom menu buttons for top-selling items – speeding up the checkout experience for your staff and customers.

  • Offer layaways, special orders, store credit and gift cards, you save time and provide a better and more flexible customer experience.

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Multi locations software fit for your retail business

  • Centrally manage prices and products, stock levels, tax rates, customers, employees, and reporting across all your stores, and warehouses painlessly.

  • Manage inventory levels and pull up item lookup across all stores, and transfer products to other stores where they sell best.
  • Use a wide range of variables and filters to understand what is happening across all store locations, at any time. Identify problem areas that require immediate action or opportunities for growth.

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Business owners have great things to say about advanced reports and analytics

  • Insightful sales analysis report by customers, segments, products, departments, and lifetime value.
  • Robust merchandise analysis report helps to track inventory by top-selling and slow-moving, product returns, GMROI, and more.

  • Margin analysis and markup/down management worksheet
  • Inventory transfer analysis and replenishment worksheet

NCR Counterpoint Testimonials

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    A Robust and Complete POS System for Pet Stores

    Take your pet store to the next level with the NCR Counterpoint. With Counterpoint, you’re always aware of where your pet business is headed regardless of the fact how big or small it is. Counterpoint has been designed to withstand a lot more than you as the as it can be implemented on an industry-grade organization to inventory management, vendor management, product management for multiple locations simultaneously making it the ultimate pet shop management system that you need to run a successful pet store.

    Best POS System for Pet Stores

    NCR Counterpoint is customizable Pet Store POS from the ground up as allowing you to design a custom dashboard yourself to suit your operational needs. This makes Counterpoint the ideal POS system for your pet store.

    Keep an eye on all your top performers by recording their punctuality with clock-in and clock-out time records as well their productivity. Counterpoint allows pet store owners the mobility to manage their retail POS system on the go via NCR’s built in cloud compatibility. Assign a fully functional and customizable pricing plan for your pet store with advanced pricing optimization options embedded into your pet store POS system.

    Counterpoint enables pet store owners across the planet to simplify front-office and back-office operations. Easily synchronize customer information and automatically send loyalty program insights and promotional updates exclusive discounts based on consumer analytics and a recorded customer persona profile. e.g. Jim likes to shop for dog food every 2 weeks from your store. Send Jim a custom and exclusive offer of 20% of on his favorite pet food directly to his email address to boost customer loyalty.

    Feature Insight and Benefits

    Cloud computing is the representation of modern business models and Counterpoint ensures full compliance with its refined cloud based POS system for pet stores. This retail management solution allows full control over all of your store locations regardless of where or how far they might be situated.

    The mobility of cloud POS systems is their key feature and in essence enables the user to access the same data on multiple platforms simultaneously. Counterpoint also records the information of the customer affectively with the customer profile feature and allows you to view their history. For instance, if Jack purchased a pet product from store A but then he heads out to store B and wishes to purchase suitable food for his pet then your employee can access the previous purchase history of Jack to ensure that they provide him with the ideal choice for his pet.

    NCR Counterpoint offers top of the line security preventing any data leaks or theft and ensuring that the customer’s trust for your business is not harmed. This makes counterpoint the best pet store POS system that your business needs. Since all of the data is managed by a central server featuring Microsoft SQL, the chances of data loss are reduced to the bare minimum even if the system is experiencing a connectivity issue then the data would be stored locally for the time being but immediately uploaded to the central server once the connection is re-established.

    Counterpoint’s built-in CRM for your pet store is also linked to the cloud and all you would require to access the database would be a valid login ID and password. NCR Counterpoint also empowers you to handle your pet store remotely with its iPad and tablet management module, this means that you can even oversee your operations, inventory, sales reports and employee stats even when you’re away on vacation. All these features and more make counterpoint the best POS System for your pet store.

    NCR Counterpoint also features its unique Instant Retail Solutions for your pet store to enhance the customer experience and boost your sales accordingly. This was primarily designed to promote upsells as the interface is equipped with all the necessary bells and whistles that you would come to expect from customizable pricing plans to customer profiling and a built-in email marketing module.

    The interface contains color-coded item descriptions to pictures and each of the products can be divided into categories and subcategories based on the requirements. These products can also be color-coded and profiled according to different traits such as a certain breed of dogs or an entire flock of parrots for a bulk sale. e.g. something as common as a fish bowl can be further distinguished into sizes such as a Large and XL subcategory.

    NCR Counterpoint also enables your employees to process orders faster from barcode recognition systems to general product ID inputs. Since the interface is also touch optimized, payment transactions have never been quicker. In order to extend upsells, the checkout dashboard also offers additional or recommended products to convince the customers for additional purchases. For example: Jane purchased two bags of cat food from your store then the room for upsells increases exponentially as your rep can also offer additional accessories such as yarn balls, cat food, or even collars and this would persuade to completely accommodate their pets.

    CRMs are the industry-grade equivalent of digitized cash registers and customer preference managers at the same time. NCR Counterpoint takes a regular CRM and makes it better as it covers all aspects of your business ranging from sales records to previous customer interactions. This information can also be strategized to target promotional offers to the customers based on their previous purchases

    For a pet store, inventory comes first and foremost as it spreads across multiple dimensions from a diverse range of pets with selective attributes to their ideal food sources. Counterpoint encompasses all of the above with its intelligent inventory management system for pet stores.

    Counterpoint provides you with a real-time update of your current standings while informing you about customer demands. e.g. the increasing demand of the sale of Chihuahua food due to their friendly nature would automatically be detected by Counterpoint for future restocking and sales reports.

    Counterpoint has the ability to simultaneously multitask from putting in restocking requests to vendors for pets to staying in touch with the per pound sales of pet food. The various metrics are processed at the backend completely hassle-free.

    Front end inventory management for your pet stores such as status updates are no tedious task for Counterpoint nor are the back-office tasks such as meeting customer demands without being overstocked

    The pricing features for each of your respective stores can be margin driven to maximize profitability based on demands. This means that each store can have their own dedicated pricing plan designed by you. Counterpoint also takes care of the taxes for you; All you have to do is to input the specific tax code assigned to you and Counterpoint will take care of everything based on your region.

    Marginal pricing also boosts your Return On Investment (ROI) as you can assign 6 different prices based on size, demand and even SKU. Similarly Counterpoint also enables you to transport your goods from one location to multiple stores or vice versa. Bundle deals and combo kits are also an integral part of Counterpoint’s sales and inventory system as you can uplift sales by formulating combos. e.g. a free collar with every can of tuna or dog food or complementary name tag with every pet that you purchase. With Counterpoint, the possibilities are endless!

    NCR Counterpoint never lets you lag behind by offering optimum solutions for you to keep an eye on your employees and gauge their performance while being on the same page with your entire chain of stores. Counterpoint lets you record the sign ins and sign outs of each of your employees from every counter to monitor their accurate working hours and sales records. By doing this, Counterpoint also encourages revenue monitoring and feedback oriented learning.

    Multitasking is Counterpoint’s forte as it is heavily equipped to take on tasks such as gridded item inventory that allows you to associate every product with their respective grid and add other coherent items with them. This is technically used for products that generally have sizes such as a small can of Pedigree or an entire bucket.

    Counterpoint’s primary objective is to boost the economical standing of your pet store and it accomplishes that by smartly placing offers. Some of the most successfully executed ones would include Buy One Get One (BOGO) and Twofers. This can exponentially enhance your sales with sufficient profit margins. Forecast driven replenishment can also be considered as an exclusive feature of Counterpoint as it minimizes your risk of overstocking and loss by observing sales patterns in a fiscal year and tracing the patterns which represent higher sales of a specific item. Then particularly backordering that item during that time of the year to meet demands. e.g. The increased sales of dog food during the winter as compared to summer because of the heightened consumptions.

    Purchasing Advise smartly analyzes different perimeters before reordering stocks as it skims through all of the available assets such as current inventory standing, items in transit and open purchase orders and more. This is also Counterpoint’s way of minimizing any harm to your establishment while maximizing profitability.

    eCommerce is the prevailing form of trade in the 21st century and Counterpoint has adapted to it. NCR Counterpoint consists of an integrated eCommerce that is connected with the same central server that the other modules of Counterpoint are using. This cloud inclined processing makes it easier for you to manage everything from your physical stores to online purchase orders all in one place.

    Now all of this might sound like a problematic task to keep track of all at once but Counterpoint is designed in such a way to also be compatible to popular eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. That’s not all! Counterpoint is also capable of integrating Salesforce if you wish to unify the previous and current CRM for your pet store.

    This integration also enables you to conveniently list your products on Amazon, eBay or Google Shopping seamlessly. This would not only serve as bonus promotion but additional exposure to the eCommerce sector as well, all with Counterpoint by your side.

    All your orders, customer information, inventory, and logistics are interconnected on a single point, this entails countless benefits including secure payment transactions through Counterpoint’s Secure Gateway. Like other popular eCommerce platforms, customers are also allowed the ability to create and manage their own personalized accounts for order placements and to keep track of their order history for returns and other purposes.

    Keeping track of orders has never been this easy with Counterpoint’s coherent synchronization of databases. It also allows more than 40 mappable fields that brings all of the customer and product information on the same page and associates it to Counterpoint’s singular organization.

    With authentic and reliable POS system and retail management solutions for pet stores, NCR Counterpoint has made its mark on the industry as one of the top-notch contenders with the confident approach to go above and beyond with its POS solutions. Pro-active retail and inventory management, cloud synced central functioning, employee performance reports, multi-location unification and eCommerce integration are some of the features that make it the best POS solution for pet stores across the globe.

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