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POS System for Museums, Attractions, and Exhibits

POS System for Museums, Attractions, and Exhibits

With NCR Counterpoint, we introduce a completely customized revenue management and POS system for museums. From culturally popular attractions like the Comic Con to prestigious and historical venues such as the MET, NCR counterpoint remains the first choice for a structured retail management solution. With a diverse range of functionalities ranging from location-independent management solutions to integrated remarketing options, NCR counterpoint proves to be one of the best point of sale systems for attractions and museums in the market. Here are some of the amazing features by NCR Counterpoint at a glance:

Manage events, general admissions, expos and more

Allow your customers to purchase admissions tickets at the booth or online, including online printing. Running a special student or employee discount program? Get notified each time the customer revisits with extensive customer information on your fingertips. NCR Counterpoint enables you in making sales a breeze for museums, attractions, theme parks, conferences, and more.

  • Explore Ticket Sales History By Customer Profiles
  • Group Analyze Ticket Sales Seamlessly With Integrated Options
  • Offer Custom Discounts Based On Customer History In Real Time

Visit our Museum Ticketing System demo page to see it in action!

EMV-Chip and PCI Compliant Payments

You can accept just about any type of payment type with our system, including EMV chip cards. NCR Counterpoint allows you to accept safe and secure payments from the latest EMV chip cards while protecting customer information with ease. Reduce risk and checkout times while increasing customer satisfaction with NCR Counterpoint’s integrated payment authorization and settlement features.

  • Authorize and Process Payments Securely and Fastly
  • Identify Credit Cards Quicker with Integrated Card Identification Services
  • Integrated Retail, MOTO, and Ecommerce Merchant Support

Powerful and Customizable POS U/I

Train volunteers and employees quickly with our intuitive and modern touchscreen button interface. NCR Counterpoint features large screen buttons and touchscreen-friendly lookup windows to make operations easier for all users. The immaculate touchscreen ticket entry buttons allow users to perform multiple actions smoothly at a faster time.

  • Simple, Easy-To-Learn Touchscreen POS Functionalities
  • User-Friendly Touchscreen POS Options For Easier Operations
  • Added Options To Integrate Hardware Devices

Inventory and Warehouse Tracking 

Manage thousands of products in real-time with unlimited customizations with the industry’s best museum POS system. Manage souvenirs and gift shop inventory in several different locations easily with over 40 different types of inventory analysis reports allowing you to maximize ROI and stock sales. NCR Counterpoint proves to be the best retail management solution for museums and attractions available globally.

  • Track and Manage Inventory at Multiple Locations
  • Increase ROI extensively with Smarter Inventory Allocation
  • Manage Variant Items And Analyze Seasonal Trends

Email Marketing & Custom Loyalty Programs

From integrated email marketing to effective loyalty programs, with our customized POS system for museums, we enable effective brand awareness. Set up multiple loyalty programs each with unique set of rules for customer loyalty points. Additionally, set up rules for customers to earn and redeem points directly from the point of sales system.

  • Customized Loyalty Programs For Targeted Customers
  • Integrated Email Marketing Solutions For Exclusive Discounts
  • Dynamic Customer Display For Upsells Directly On Checkout

Seamless Accounting Integrations

Integrate widely used accounting software smoothly with our customized POS system for attractions and museum. Transfer data between NCR Counterpoint, your General Ledger, and accounts payable software seamlessly a diverse range of third-party accounting packages. With direct accounting interfaces to popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks, SAGE 100 ERP, NCR Counterpoint is the perfect Museum and Attractions POS system that you’re looking for.

  • Excellent Integrated Accounting Interface For Faster Operations
  • Faster Integrations With Popular Accounting Software
  • Important Account Numbers From Your General Ledger Automatically

Learn more about our supported Accounting Platforms

WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento Supported

Sell your admission and event tickets, souvenirs and gift shop essentials online with your eCommerce store? NCR Counterpoint is the perfect point of sale partner that enables you to sync valuable data such as product sales information, customer profile data, inventory information, and historical order information with your choice of eCommerce solution.

Increase customer satisfaction by sending in eCommerce orders to NCR Counterpoint for quicker fulfillment. With its detailed operational features, the NCR Counterpoint covers all areas from sales, to order fulfillment and even customer satisfaction making it a state-of-the-art POS system for museums and attractions.

The eCommerce platforms we integrate with include:

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Counterpoint’s extensive reporting capabilities and robust features ensure efficient organizational processes for some of the most recognizable and established museums globally. Manage ticket sales for several different locations, easily. Analyze ticket-history report that provides audited historical detail on admission ticket sales across a fixed tenure.

In-depth KPI Analysis

With NCR’s beautifully designed dashboard, keep a bird’s eye-view on all of your key performance indicators to increase admissions sales, membership subscriptions, and more. The dashboard even allows you to analyze group sales to enable you in creating bundle deals for products that are frequently sold together.

Dynamic Customer Loyalty Promotion

Advertise dynamically to customers and make upsells right at the checkout counter with NCR Counterpoint. Gone are the days when the checkout displays only showed the items being bought, their prices, and of course the grand total followed by a thankyou message. Counterpoint enables you to design a custom display graphic with its unique Counterpoint Customer Display Designer to help you promote the newest deals.

Running a BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) offer, or maybe offering an exclusive discount to premium museum members? Display it on the customer display with a unique graphic to capitalize on your customer’s spend on the counter. Ready to remarket? Remarket to your customers easily with the built-in email marketing feature. Publish exclusive offers targeted to frequent visitors and recurring customers to achieve an improved ROI.

All customer and transaction data from the gift shop, and throughout the other retail points of the building, all feed into one central database. But of course, with excellent data management comes improved sales with the integrated customer loyalty management solutions making it a complete point-of-sale system for museums.

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Client Testimonial

A POS Highway Testimonial
Jason and his team provided outstanding support throughout the purchasing process, installation, and implementation of our new POS system. The POS team went above and beyond! The entire team was always flexible and accommodating. I am not sure I could have made it through our Grand Opening without Ken! He was a calming voice when I started to panic, always reassuring me that we were in a good place and ready to open for business. He answered every one of my questions….and there were quite a few! Steve walked our new gift shop attendants through the customer process with a clear explanation of each function. Melissa did a great job of explaining the back end of the system to me and was a joy to work with.

I cannot say enough about the entire team. Last, but certainly not least, is the special attention we received from Francis. It is unheard of in this age of emails and texts to have the president of a company personally call to check on a customers progress and level of satisfaction. Wow!

If you are interested in working with a company where you feel like you are their top priority, there is no other choice. Again, my thanks to the whole team! You are all superstars!

Wendy Downs
Computer Museum of America

POS System for Museums, Museum and Attractions POS System

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Best POS Software for Museums

Museums need a central system to manage sales at multiple revenue centers throughout a facility.

Not only do they handle admissions, but have gift shops, concessions, rentals and membership programs. Counterpoint is able to centralize management of every function of the museum, plus track memberships, customers, group sales, and more!

Counterpoint’s extensive reporting capabilities and robust features ensure efficient organizational processes for some of the most recognizable and established museums globally.

Online Admissions Tickets

Provide online admissions and reservations for events, tours, classes, parties and educational activities for your museum through our reservations and ticketing module.

Allow your guests the freedom of checking availability, reserving activities or purchasing tickets online or on-site. Web pages are branded to match your brand’s look and feel for a streamlined, seamless purchasing process.

Gift Shop Operations

Museum-goers often find themselves immersed in the artwork, scientific discoveries, or other interesting features.

When the time comes for these guests to leave, they often want to take some memento of the experience with them.

All customer and transaction data from the gift shop, and throughout the other retail points of the building, all feed into one central database.

Gift Shop POS Overview

Point of Sale

Quickly train volunteers, seasonal workers, and booth operators with an intuitive touchscreen POS interface.

Accept an unlimited number of payment types, then process through a secure payment gateway, and print admission tickets at the point of sale (or online).

Manage reservations and scheduling of events for schools, groups, and individuals online and onsite.

Seamlessly operate at an off-site event with offline ticket entry, such as a fundraiser, and utilize portable kiosks.

Point of Sale Overview

Inventory Management System

Ideal for high-end inventory, serial number tracking provides a detailed record of each piece of merchandise-when it was received, what it cost, which customer purchased it, and when it was sold. All collected data is processed in real-time.

Easily view quantities to reorder based on current inventory levels, commitments, backorders, in-transit merchandise, open PO’s, desired stocking levels, vendor multiples, and/or vendor minimum order requirements.

Inventory Management System

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Our Clients


We are now in love with the features of Counterpoint, and are always planning what to do next with all the features that are available.

We can offer over $100,000 in discounts yearly because of Counterpoint’s extensive report library, giving us a competitive edge.

Counterpoint enables you to track real-time sales and analyze how items are moving at each store.

Mike Spitzer, Bohme

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