Liquor Store POS System

State Of The Art Retail Management Solutions With Advanced POS System for Liquor and Wine Store

Deliver superior service and manage unlimited inventory items with the most powerful POS system on the market. With its unique set of front and back office features, Counterpoint proves to be one of the best retail management solutions for Liquor and Wine Store. Manage inventory, sales, customer records and overall ROI seamlessly with the most complete wine store POS system on the market.

POS System for Wine and Liquor Stores

At POS Highway, we believe the heart of your success when you run a liquor store is an effective point-of-sale system, period. From inventory management to revenue analysis, NCR Counterpoint provides a plethora of amazing features to help you run your business seamlessly and profitably. With custom features such as customer age verification, NCR Counterpoint proves itself to be one of the best if not the best Liquor store POS system on the planet.

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    Ideal POS Software for Liquor Stores

    The heart of your success when you run a liquor store is an effective point-of-sale system, period.

    Point of Sale Features

    Keep your business on track and running smoothly. Price merchandise automatically and accurately based on an imported price list, as well as to easily configure quantity breaks and customer discounts.

    Get instant age verification by scanning customer’s ID with no manual input required, and retain their information in our built-in CRM module.

    Create a profile for regular customers or to track deposits for items like taps and kegs. Encrypted credit card information may be retained for each customer and may be retrieved automatically when paying for a purchase.

    Point of Sale Overview

    Inventory and Purchasing

    Easily keep up with brands, distributors, special orders, vendors, house accounts, and more with inventory and purchasing built-in.

    Instant and real-time inventory data let you know what’s in stock, on order, and in transit.

    Automated purchasing calculates the quantities to reorder based on current inventory levels, commitments, backorders, in-transit merchandise, open PO’s, desired stocking levels, vendor multiples, and/or vendor minimum order requirements.

    Return to Vendors (RTVs) may be entered, reviewed, and posted to record the return of merchandise to a vendor. RTVs may also be vouchered into Accounts Payable to record credits with a vendor.

    Inventory Management Overview

    Purchasing Overview

    Advanced Pricing Control

    Items can be priced and sold by using the stocking unit or up to five alternate selling units. For example, you may stock wine bottles by the each, and sell them at one price by the case and at another price by the half case.

    Merchandise is priced accurately and automatically, based on list price, quantity breaks, customer discounts, a markup on cost, or the desired margin.

    Advanced Pricing Overview


    Integrated customer loyalty programs, email marketing, and gift cards increase brand awareness and generate repeat business.

    Customize multiple loyalty programs with parameters and rules for point scale, accumulation, and reward redemption.

    Marketing and CRM Overview

    Seamless Age Verification

    Scan and verify customer age seamlessly with NCR counterpoint’s bar scanner and customer profile analysis.

    Tax Management

    With fluid tax management solutions, calculate taxation on your products directly with NCR Counterpoint.

    Analytics On Fingertips

    Keep a close eye on your key performance indicators simply with NCR Counterpoint. Generate extensive and detailed reports easily.

    Easy Discounts

    Easily offer discounts and create offers with the push of a button right from the interface with NCR Counterpoint’s integrated discount features.

    Purchase Order Automation

    Automatically place purchase orders and receive products directly to your warehouse or store location with counterpoint.

    Best POS System for Liquor and Wine Stores

    Liquor and wine stores are perhaps some of the most complex retail facilities in the world. From data management to age verification, running a point of sale system can be nothing short of indefinite hassle.

    NCR Counterpoint offers a complete range of point of sales management, retail management, product management, reporting, and several more features, enabling wine and liquor retail stores around the world to maximize their business with ease.

    Choose from a list of different diverse menu styles to use the one that suits you the most. NCR Counterpoint provides a diverse range of menus providing complete a la carte solutions for addition. Explore between traditional pull-down menus, a dual panel explorer view, a collapsible folder tree and a button menu designed for use with touchscreen. Counterpoint enables users to switch between menu styles that they’re most comfortable in using.

    From inventory data to customer data, lookup everything in the blink of an eye with Counterpoint’s integrated lookups feature. Skim through entire databases in just the push of a button with ease and comfort. Just type in the keyword that you’d like to search and Counterpoint does the rest for you.

    Want to send in a quick message to your colleagues? Counterpoint’s integrated message center allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your employees without having to install additional software. e.g. Want to inform sales officials in all locations about the recent hike in a specific product’s price.

    Create a profile for regular customers or to track deposits for items like taps and kegs. Encrypted credit card information may be retained for each customer and may be retrieved automatically when paying for a purchase. e.g. Does Bob buy 3 packs of beer each month? Easily add this purchase pattern to his profile and maintain inventory level each month. You can also offer exclusive discounts to customers like Bob.

    System Features & Benefits

    Age Verification

    When running a business that applies to customers 21 and over, there are always a few operational hiccups in the way. Fortunately for you, with NCR Counterpoint, Age verification goes through like a breeze.

    Simply scan customer ID once with the added barcode scanner for it to enter your database. Retain information in our custom built in CRM to manage it efficiently. Need to look up a customer? Pulling up customer profiles is easy as pie! NCR Counterpoint enables businesses to store detailed information of the customer as unique customer profiles.

    Define up to 20 custom profile fields from birthdays to membership details, anything that you may desire to add as relevant information regarding the customer on to the profile. Add custom discounts right on the check-out screen by verifying customer information.

    Tax Management

    Retail businesses and taxation go hand in hand. With an immaculate number of products in the inventory, taxation calculation can be a bit of a pickle. Calculate taxation across all of your inventory for all locations with integrated taxation features.

    With basic retail sales, taxation can be calculated usually with the taxation code associated with the store. Assign a multi-level taxation code directly to your customers without any hassle indicating special tax rates. You also have the ability to set custom taxation rules in terms of store location. e.g. Does the liquor store branch in the United Kingdom have different taxation rules as opposed to your stores in USA? No need to worry, you can handle that with the integrated taxation features in the NCR counterpoint.

    Counterpoint also provides your business the ability to exempt a customer from taxation if taxation doesn’t apply to the customer.

    Product Discounts

    What’s a good liquor store without exclusive discounts, right? NCR Counterpoint opens doors for businesses to promote customer loyalty by promoting exclusive discounts simply and easily.

    Counterpoint provides you the ability to choose the products that are eligible for discounts and the ones that are not. e.g. Want to apply discounts on a specific category of wine? Apply it easily with the integrated discount implementation features in Counterpoint.

    Apply designated discounts with pre-defined amounts and percentages with Counterpoint. Want to apply more than one discount for the same customer? No problem! Simply apply discount stacks from the menu and easily designate overlapping discounts for a single customer. e.g. John is gets a custom 20% off on ginger ale as a birthday discount. However, he also happens to have a loyalty membership which makes him eligible for a 10% members discount as well. With discount stacks, you can overlay both the discounts for an exclusive price just for John.

    Looking to offer quick discounts? Offer discounts directly at the checkout screen.

    Payment Processing

    Processing payments is one of the most important parts of your business. Lucky for you, Counterpoint’s integrated payment authorization and settlement features enable you to make quick and secure payments swiftly.

    Counterpoint’s integrated electronic draft capture feature enables businesses around the world to receive payments from credit cards, debit cards, chip powered cards, via Radiant payment services.

    Counterpoint also comes in with integrated address verification features. Address verification confirms the cardholder’s address with the processor when the physical card is not swiped, reducing the risk of fraud.

    Counterpoint takes great pride in providing one of industry’s safest and fastest authorizations on both debit and credit cards. Don’t want to enter the complete card number manually? Simply obtain card details with a magnetic strip reader. Counterpoint also features electronic signature capture via payment terminals.

    Product Management

    Counterpoint provides users the ability to easily integrate the most common units that may apply for a specific industry. From units like Oz, Liters and more that suit your wine business to units like per. Sq meter and more for businesses that belong to the construction industry.

    With smart product and inventory management solutions, dynamically set minimum or maximum stocking levels at one or more locations. Think a crate would do okay at one location but extraordinary at another? Dynamically set order values to reflect stocking levels as needed by the stocking location.

    Product Pricing Strategies

    To ensure that your business is receiving the profit margin goals, NCR counterpoint allows you to set minimum and target profit margin values for all item sub-categories and categories further enabling you to set and adjust price-1 accordingly.

    Easily browse items throughout your inventory to find the ones with profit margins above, below, or between the desired target level. e.g. Set a specific 10% profit margin over one brand of wine, while keeping 15% profit margin over another brand.

    Need to apply price changes to a bunch of items simultaneously? With Counterpoint’s integrated Price Sheets feature, easily change prices for a huge selection of products.

    Got a membership or a contract wine subscription offer for your liquor store? With the integrated contract pricing feature in the NCR counterpoint, set a custom start and ending date to a defined contract in which customers can pay the desired amount.

    Furthermore, for discounts and limited time offers, the built-in promotional price offer works like a charm. Apply a limited time offer to a selection, or all of the products in just a few clicks.

    Counterpoint also features a mix-and-match pricing feature to enable businesses like wine stores in boosting sales revenue with huge value per checkout. Set amazing offers in merely a few clicks, such as 10% of a product in a specific category if you buy a specific quantity e.g. 10% off Red Wine Bottles when you buy 5.

    Inventory Tracking and Transfers

    With custom inventory tracking and transfer features, feel free to track your inventory placed or being transferred from one of your business locations to the other.

    Counterpoint creates a unique transfer out document to enable custom tracking of your inventory from one place to the other without any hassle whatsoever. e.g. track inventory levels for ginger ale over all your different store locations and track sales at the same time in the same dashboard.

    Furthermore, with the integrated transfer advice feature, counterpoint enables the customers to find the best way for the redistribution of inventory throughout different business locations.

    Automated Replenishment

    Maintaining inventory levels is one of the most critical parts of your business. For a business owner, it’s no less than a nightmare to have a smaller quantity of inventory than what’s needed by the customer.

    With counterpoint’s forecast-driven replenishment functionality, easily evaluate the complete inventory needs of your business by adjusting minimum and maximum quantities, allowing counterpoint to automatically replenish and meet inventory needs. e.g. Has there been a huge surge in beer sales on St. Patrick’s Day for the past few years? Counterpoint detects this pattern and creates automated purchase orders in advance so that you don’t miss out on sales.

    The forecast-driven automated replenishment feature by counterpoint enhances the already-powerful purchase advice feature with industry specific forecasting methods to enable flexibility and excellence in advanced inventory management.


    From day to day operations, to historical sales analysis, Counterpoint offers users up to 40 different reporting formats to choose from. e.g. Need to study the sales pattern over the years for a specific sales rep? Head over to the reports section and simply generate a custom report for sales history by sales rep.

    Keeping track of product age in terms of manufacturing and expiration is critical for any retail business relating to the product industry. It is specifically important for businesses like wine and liquor stores as these are one of the only products that increases value in terms of quality as the product ages.

    With Inventory Age tracking, you can easily have a look at the increasing value of a specific product. Manage hundreds and thousands of products in your inventory based on their age and with price sheets integrated, increase pricing per unit as needed making it easier for you to manage more products. With in-depth reporting, you can also check the product sales over a historical time period along with its valuation in terms of its age.


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      We can offer over $100,000 in discounts yearly because of Counterpoint’s extensive report library, giving us a competitive edge.

      Counterpoint enables you to track real-time sales and analyze how items are moving at each store.

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