Kitchen Supply Store POS System

kitchen supply pos software

Ideal POS System for Kitchen Supply Stores

You have a lot of moving parts to manage when you run a kitchen supply store. Having a reliable and robust system allows you to effectively manage your operation, minimize bottlenecks, and deliver a great customer shopping experience.

Powerful Inventory Management

With such a wide variety of products, it is a challenge managing the ever-changing inventory stock, accurate sales records, and multiple vendors.

The system monitors your stock in and stock out in real time to help you reduce discrepancies in your inventory.

Create new purchase orders in time to make sure you can always meet customer demand.

Inventory Management Overview

Intuitive Point of Sale Software

Bundle packages and kits to promote more sales. Process customer transactions quickly and securely.

Track all customer past purchases, preferred styles, and contact information to send out targeted campaigns.

Point of Sale Overview

CRM and Marketing

Run email marketing campaigns to your customer segments and analyze performance through one system. Generate brand awareness and repeat business with custom loyalty programs and gift cards.

CRM Overview