POS System for Irrigation Supply and Commercial Plumbing Hardware Business

Discover the Excellence of Customer Service, Accurate Job Estimates, Easy Work Orders, and Smooth Service Scheduling!

Businesses that provide plumbing and irrigation supplies to clients including contractors, plumbing firms, government agencies, and homeowners are a good fit for the POS system provided by POS Highway.

A number of features in our system have been particularly created for your business. It makes it easier to create thorough quotation with products and services, gives a user-friendly point of sale system, aids in managing jobs, orders, receivables, and invoices, keeps track of inventories, and offers sophisticated purchase order administration. In addition, it is possible to integrate the point of sale (POS) system with the QuickBooks accounting system and Shopify Ecommerce.

The system enables users to accept deposits, monitor the outstanding balance for each job or work order, and securely process the payment using the customer’s saved credit card information once the job is completed. It offers powerful reports, analytics, and insights to help you succeed in your market.

Quotes to Order Management – Enhancing Efficiency and Speed in Job Completion

Distributors of products such as agricultural, irrigation, waterworks, and plumbing supply can greatly benefit from the NCR Counterpoint POS system.

  • Seamlessly track and manage a diverse range of products
  • Sell hardware, services, and packages with ease
  • Prepare quotes and email digital quotes to customers fast
  • Convert estimates to job/work orders with a single click
  • Integrate credit card processing with chip readers
  • Track customer deposits, payments and balance due
  • Maintain hardware warranty with serialized inventory tracking
Click to Command – Work Orders and Invoices

Secure the most precise order entry and point-of-sale system for your plumbing and irrigation supply business, empowering your employees with the confidence to excel in their roles.

  • Generate work orders, invoices track receivable with ease
  • Seamless integration of contactless payment device
  • Safely store customers’ credit cards for deposits and payments
  • Secure customer’s saved credit card for deposits and final payment
  • Maximize sales mobility with mobile POS capabilities
  • Boost profits with real-time data utilization
  • Integrate with QuickBooks accounting and Shopify Ecommerce
Seamlessly Sell Your Products to Contractors and Plumbing Supply Businesses

Tailor your pricing for bulk orders from contractors while offering competitive rates to hardware stores and plumbing supply companies.

  • Effortlessly handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways on a single document
  • Process orders, check inventory, and serve customers on the go with a mobile POS
  • Store comprehensive customer profiles to provide personalized service
  • Access, view and print order history, invoices and job history
  • Implement loyalty programs, promotions, and discounts to reward your customers and attract new ones

Master Procurement, Minimize Costs

Buy smart – save time and money with automated procurement.

  • Automate reordering effortlessly
  • Order based on inventory and sales history
  • Effortlessly manage multi-location inventory
  • Enhance productivity with mobile capabilities
  • Convert sales orders to purchase orders with a single click
  • Utilize in-store stock for online sales

Accelerate Profits with Fast Inventory Tracking

Improve stock levels and identify the optimal restocking number quickly and precisely. The system optimizes inventory management by categorizing products based on their location, variations, and KIT.

  • Have clear inventory visibility
  • Easily create POs from sales orders
  • Quickly access customers invoice history
  • Track replenishment levels by store
  • Eliminate out of stock & overstock status
  • Track profit by items, category & vendors

Enhance Sales and Inventory Mobility
  • Our mobile inventory and sales management tools, which include tablet POS terminals and sleds for iOS and Android.
  • Deliver superior service and sales in stores, kiosks and outdoor environments.
  • Serve customers where they are, checking inventory availability, busting lines, and capturing additional business.
  • Run your physical counts with efficiency using our mobile inventory management solutions.

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Sync Counterpoint POS with the platforms you trust

At POS Highway, we developed a platform to integrate NCR Counterpoint seamlessly to popular technologies and solutions. We support integrations to popular accounting and ERP’s such as QuickBooks Online, SAGE 100, Microsoft Great Plains, and many others.

From eCommerce platforms to warehouse management solutions, and order fulfillment/shipping solutions, you’re in for a true multi-channel retail ecosystem!

Business owners have great things to say about advanced reports and analytics
  • Robust merchandise analysis report helps to track inventory by top-selling and slow-moving, product returns, GMROI, and more.
  • Insightful sales analysis report by customers, segments, products, departments, and lifetime value.
  • Margin analysis and markup/down management worksheet
  • Inventory transfer analysis and replenishment worksheet

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