Gun Store POS System

NCR Counterpoint for retail and wholesale

Gun Store POS System

Bound Book

Track all sales, returns, repairs, and trade-ins with an integrated electronic bound book.

Inventory Management

Manage unlimited products in Counterpoint with barcode tracking and simple item-look up.


Generate any type of financial, inventory, and performance reports with our reporting library.

Perfect System for Gun and Firearm Stores

Our system offers management of the retailer’s day-to-day tasks in one integrated system.

Counterpoint system is compliant with ATF, and also facilitates a serial tracker allowing the retailer to track firearms easily.

Efficiently utilize realtime inventory, accurate maintenance of sales records, and vendor management.

ATF Electronic Bound Book Software

As a gun and firearm retailer, you have many responsibilities to ensure the security of your inventory and to meet legal and safety regulations, all while trying to build your business and turn a profit.

Track inventory by serial numbers to help you maintain tight control over your stock. Reduce discrepancies in inventory, including tracking it from ordering to the point of sale.

The software includes an automated ordering based on stock levels that you set, as well as an integrated customer loyalty system so that you can track orders and create targeted marketing campaigns.

You can use the data to develop an e-mail marketing campaign to notify your customers about the products that would interest them most.

Point of Sale

Train associates in under 20 minutes to quickly input orders, capture customer info, process payment, and view inventory.

Inventory Management

Manage unlimited products in real time with the most in-depth inventory management software on the market.

Purchase Order Management

Automate your purchasing workflow. Send POs and receive products to any warehouse or store location.

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze all key performance areas with an extensive library of reports. Customize, generate, and send reports on the fly.

Bound Book

All inventory transactions flagged as bound book entries are tracked as acquisitions or dispositions in the Bound Book.

Marketing & CRM

Generate brand awareness and repeat business with integrated email marketing, gift cards, and loyalty programs.


Sales, returns, repairs as well as trade-ins are recorded, leaving a viewable audit trail to all changes to a firearm.

Accounting Integrations

Save valuable time and resources by interfacing Counterpoint to popular accounting software.

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Best POS for Gun Shops and Retailers

Deliver superior service with the most powerful and feature-packed POS system in the world. NCR Counterpoint offers complete point of sale, inventory management, report management, and data analytics management solutions for gun stores around the world.

Integrated Bound Book

Track all sales, returns, repairs, and trade-ins with an integrated electronic bound book in the NCR Counterpoint. Counterpoint allows Gun shop owners to keep complete documentation for arms stored securely in an integrated system. Pull up thousands of bound books from your inventory in just a few taps.

Inventory Management

With an integrated inventory management system, track everything from orders, inventory, purchase orders, layaways, quotes and more in just a few clicks. Counterpoint’s integrated inventory management system allows you to keep track of all your products in real-time for excellent business and product management.


The reporting module allows you to keep an eye on some of your most important sales factors that you count on. With over 41 different types of reports, keep an eye on all your sales areas without breaking a sweat. Want to keep an eye on your analytics in real-time? We’ve got you covered. Create a custom dashboard to keep an eye on everything you’re looking for.

Cross-Location Management

Manage more than one fishing store? View all product data across all store locations and warehouses through one smart point of sale system. With integrated features, it’s easier to smartly manage these cross located stores. Manage order layaways, holds, quotes, open transfers, and even perform a physical count with the push of a button.

Competitive Assistance

Stay one step ahead of your competition with NCR counterpoint. Outsport your competition by offering the best products at the right price to your customers. Counterpoint’s added discount features enable you to add discounts to any order during checkout. Couple this feature with our sophisticated customer management system to offer personalized discounts to loyal customers.

Flexible Pricing Options

Confused by several different order sizes and the variation in price? Assign different price levels and price rules by a variety of dimensions with the perfect point of sale system for gun stores. Choose from promotional, contractual, and special prices to capitalize on special deals at special timings for specific customers.

Perfect System for Gun and Firearm Stores

Running a retail gun store isn’t as easy as one may think. Managing dangerous weaponry and its documentation is one of the biggest responsibilities that a gun store owner has. Arms and gun stores are probably one of the most unique and complex retail areas to manage. Our experts at NCR understand that which is why counterpoint comes packed with some of the best and most unique features in the world.

Integrated ATF Compliance and Documentation Management

Our system offers management of the retailer’s day-to-day tasks in one integrated system. With complete integrated task management, keep track of all orders fulfilled, orders that need to be fulfilled, incoming shipments, updated documentation as per ATF and more. All of this in one place allows you to run your arms store even better than you already do.

Counterpoint system is compliant with ATF, and also facilitates a serial tracker allowing the retailer to track firearms easily. At NCR, we understand how big of a responsibility it is for a retailer to keep track of heavy weaponry over the course of time and counterpoint makes that process quick and easy for you. Track all inventory sold, pre-ordered, or is being purchased at the moment in real-time along with the bound books to keep everything documented. Here’s an example:

Bob’s an army veteran who runs a gun store in LA. A new customer walks in to make a purchase complete with license and registration for the weapon. With counterpoint’s ATF integration, it’s easy to keep an eye on the customer and his whereabouts. Keep track of all the details such as Customer ID, complete registration details, bound books and everything else in one unified system in the NCR counterpoint.

Efficiently utilize real-time inventory, accurate maintenance of sales records, and vendor management with the NCR Counterpoint. The experts at NCR understand how important inventory is for your business which is why counterpoint POS comes feature packed with hundreds of integrated inventory management modules.

Track inventory quantities and transactions easily with Counterpoint’s integrated inventory management modules. It’s easier to allocate inventory in connecting stores with counterpoint. Got more than one location for your store? No need to worry! Manage inventory from all of the stores in one unified management module. E.g.

Running out of arms inventory in your outlet in Chicago? Witness numbers in real-time and place purchase orders to complete inventory numbers. It’s as easy as a few taps on your POS system. All of this together with a proper bound book being maintained along with ATF compliance makes NCR counterpoint one of the best POS systems for gun shops.

Running low on ammo inventory? With automated purchases, you as the business owner can set a customized number for when the automated purchases need to go through. Automated purchases allow you to securely place an order when your inventory goes below a certain set number. With exemplary vendor management, we help you keep track of all inventory along with transactions being made with selected vendors. Manage one, two or even more vendors at the same time. You can even keep one vendor for each category of your inventory and manage them all in real time.

ATF Electronic Bound Book Software

As a gun and firearm retailer, you have many responsibilities to ensure the security of your inventory and to meet legal and safety regulations, all while trying to build your business and turn a profit. Keep a strict eye on all transactions being made for arms purchases over all your store locations. Keep highly maintained records of customer’s personal data, their registration details, license details, bound book details and more in the same records.

Pull up customer records simply and keep a strict eye on all sales and purchases being made from your gun shops spread over different locations. Maintain your status as a trusted gun retailer with integrated ATF compliance making things absolutely secure for your business. With integrated modules in the counterpoint, make sales flow for your business an absolute breeze.

Customer Loyalty and Discounts

If you belong to the retail industry, your customers are undoubtedly the heart and soul of your business. We understand that sales may be the lifeblood and your inventory may be the backbone that your business resides on. However, without loyal and active customers, no important. Your loyal customers may be the biggest asset that you’d want to ensure to stay with you forever.

With integrated customer loyalty and discount management features, you can take your arms store to the very next level with the NCR counterpoint. Knowing your customer is perhaps the most important part of running customer loyalty campaigns. Without knowing your customers, you just simply can’t take your content to the level that you may need to.

Create complete customer profiles on the fly and track everything from their purchases, to the items they purchase, to the discount codes they used, and even their birthdays. Here’s an example:

James is an army veteran and an arms vendor who is a consistent customer of All-American Ammo Shop due to his job. With consistent purchases, James has proven to be a loyal customer of the shop. What’s the best thing that the store can do for James? Well, you can offer a custom discount of flat 20% off to good ol’ Jamie as a discount. That’d cheer him up! Here’s another idea: Why not also add up a complimentary membership card in appreciation of James’ service to the country? Well that’s even better! You’ve gained a customer for life. All of this in just a few taps on the POS system! This is what makes the NCR counterpoint the best POS system for Gun Stores.

Discounts are easy to provide on the fly. Business owners can add discounts even at the last minute at the check-out. Additionally, you can also add more than one discounts at the same time right at the checkout: E.g.

Nathan has a special membership card which makes him eligible for a 20% discount and he’s already buying a product that’s eligible for a storewide discount. What happens now? Nathan can now avail both the discounts at checkout. This enables your business for maximum customer loyalty.

All those customers must be leading to a lot of data? Well, why not utilize that data to create retargeted customer campaigns with exclusive discounts on selected products. Need an amazing idea for a retargeting campaign? Here’s an example for you can do:

Run a filter on your POS system for the most frequent purchases over your store. Align all customer profiles and run a targeted email marketing newsletter for those customers targeting a low selling product at a limited time discount. What happens next? An automatic boost in sales! That’s right, get immediate sales on the busness with a retargeting customer loyalty campaign.

With price rules, you can run several different types of campaigns. Run promotional campaigns focused on a limited time sale for all customers. Or run a contractual price campaign with focus on the store members valid for a limited time. Got a special event coming soon? Run a special price campaign to apply storewide changes to selected or all products for a limited time. For example: Run a special campaign on all of your products on Labor Day at a flat discount by simply applying a special price rule to all of your inventory or a specific category. This enables you to create even better customer loyalty than usual. You can apply over 6 different price rules when working with advanced price rules. Where price 1 remains the basic price that you want to work with.

Packed with hundreds of customer loyalty, inventory management, vendor management and discount features, counterpoint is easily one of the best POS systems for gun stores in the market.