Gift Shop POS System

gift shop pos software

NCR Counterpoint is ideal for gift shops

Sell online and in-store, stay in touch with customers, and automate inventory and purchasing activity. Grow your gift shop with NCR Counterpoint POS.

Gift Shop Promotions

Counterpoint collects and segments customer data, offering you marketing insights for targeted promotions.

Create send your subscribers special offers and coupons by segment or mass email. Save time by scheduling your email campaigns in advance.

Email Marketing Overview

Automated Purchasing and Inventory Management

We provide the best tools for leveraging vendor quantity breaks, multiples, and vendor minimums. Our software automatically sends PO’s to your vendors at the lowest price possible.

You set the appropriate stocking levels and let Counterpoint handle the rest.

Purchase Order Overview

Gift Registry and Gift Receipt Functionality

Increase sales with a seamless gift purchasing experience for your customers. Counterpoint handles gift cards, special services and accommodations for more revenue opportunities.

Loyalty Programs and Gift Card Overview

Returns Validation – No paper receipt required

Since Counterpoint stores customer and sales information, you can easily look up the purchase by customer name, credit card, or item number.

Email receipts to your customers for an electronic copy while you track their purchase history with our software.

Point of Sale Overview

    Our Clients


    We are now in love with the features of Counterpoint, and are always planning what to do next with all the features that are available.

    We can offer over $100,000 in discounts yearly because of Counterpoint’s extensive report library, giving us a competitive edge.

    Counterpoint enables you to track real-time sales and analyze how items are moving at each store.

    Mike Spitzer, Bohme

    Multiply Your ROI Exponentially With
    The All-In-One Gift Shop POS system

    NCR Counterpoint features a complete retail management solution for gifts shops, concession stands, souvenir shops, novelty stores, hospital gift shops, and more. With its extensive range of features, counterpoint allows you to receive payments, manage inventory, increase sales, remarketing products and even upselling products in just a few taps on the screen. All this and more makes the NCR Counterpoint easily one of the best gift shop point of sale system available on the planet.

    POS System for Gift Shops, Novelty Shops and Concession Stands

    With its complete range of front-counter and back-office features, NCR Counterpoint enables you to maximize your ROI and create new revenue channels making it the most complete POS system for gift shops, concession stands, novelty shops and more. Easily connect your online ecommerce sales and customer data, as well as offline accounting software for your business. Manage in-store customer data and online customer data swiftly, manage your most loyal customers online and offline in just a few clicks of a button. With its features NCR Counterpoint focuses on growing your gift shop at a substantial pace.

    Make hundreds of customizations and manage thousands of different products smoothly with market’s leading point of sale software for gift shops. Be location-independent and manage all of your inventory spread over various locations be it gift shops or warehouses. Need to analyze inventory data? Counterpoint offers over 40 different analytical reports to help you analyze and summarize the overall situation of the inventory in real-time. With excellent solutions for every distinctive area of inventory management, the NCR counterpoint stands out as a clear winner in the market for world-class gift shop inventory management.

    Online or offline, reach your customers faster than ever with the NCR counterpoint. Sell gifts online and in-store to customers fluently. Regenerate sales on older, loyal customers by remarketing and providing discounts exclusive to each customer. Pull up customer profiles, recurring visits, birthdays and more to offer unique discounts, improve sales and create added upsells. With NCR counterpoint, it’s easier for you to boost gift sales to your gift store’s maximum potential. It truly is the most exquisite gift shop pos system in the industry.

    With its excellent payment processing system, NCR counterpoint opens doors for your gift shop to accept almost any sort of payment including EMV chip debit and credit cards. NCR Counterpoint allows you to accept safe and secure payments from the latest EMV chip cards while protecting customer information with ease. Reduce risk and checkout times while increasing customer satisfaction with NCR Counterpoint’s integrated payment authorization and settlement features.

    With our unique POS system for gift shops, easily integrate industries most used accounting systems in just a few clicks on your NCR Counterpoint. Transfer data between NCR counterpoint, your General Ledger, and accounts payable software seamlessly a diverse range of third-party accounting packages. NCR counterpoint provides you access to direct interfaces of some of the best and most used accounting software in the world such as Quickbooks, Great Plains, Business Works and more. With extensive features for accounting software integrations, the NCR counterpoint is the best gift shop POS software in the market.

    At POS Highway, we understand that the industry competition is immense between gift shops and the need of a brand loyalty program is important for a business to grow. With NCR counterpoint, we offer nothing but the best integrated customer loyalty programs to enable maximized sales. Remarketing is easy with NCR counterpoints integrated email marketing programs. Coupled with unique brand loyalty programs, NCR Counterpoint can turn out to be the perfect POS system for your gift shop. Set up multiple loyalty programs each with unique set of rules for customer loyalty points. Additionally, set up rules for customers to earn and redeem points directly from the point of sales system.

    Best POS System for Gift Shops

    From hotel gift shops to hospital gift shops, order management is key to running an excellent gift business. NCR counterpoint offers a centralized interface allowing merchants to manage not one but hundreds of different products simultaneously.

    Counterpoint offers a unique efficient workflow for high volume order processing environments. View detailed information regarding each product while multi-managing hundreds of orders. Whether you take orders over the phone or over your ecommerce store, Counterpoint’s Order Management interface is capable of catering all of such areas in one single dashboard.

    Gift cards and exclusive discounts are an important part of sales for gift shops. NCR Counterpoint allows you to both create gift registries and accept gift cards promoting brand awareness and loyalty.

    Returns/Exchanges just got a lot easier with the NCR counterpoint’s integrated validated returns feature. Validate each of the products with ease by validating each of the products swiftly in just a few taps. Got inventory variants belonging to the same group? Stuck between uploading the same product again and again with minor changes? With NCR Counterpoints efficient gridded items features, add multiple variations to a single product across all gift shop locations. All of these features make the NCR counterpoint the perfect Gift Shop POS system in the market today.

    NCR’s beautifully designed dashboard enables you to keep a bird’s eye-view on all of your KPIs to increase gift sales, customer loyalty, and more. The dashboard opens doors for you to analyze group sales allowing you to create bundle deals for products that are frequently sold together. From a teddy bear and chocolates on valentine’s day to a bouquet coupled with an adorable gift on Mother’s Day, bundle deals on NCR counterpoint can help you multiply your ROI at an exponential ratio.

    Ideal for high level inventory management, NCR counterpoint includes a variety of built-in features to product definition and management. All collected data is processed in real-time. With NCR Counterpoints efficient barcoding features, assign an unlimited number of barcodes including in-house barcodes, customer specific barcodes, and more for multi-specific usage. Want to run a custom promo for a limited amount of time? No need to adjust all of the prices and then re-adjust when the offer runs out. With NCR Counterpoints custom pricing rules, you can easily add promotional prices for a limited time on specific products that you’d like to promote. Running out of inventory? Worried about the upcoming orders on eventful high-purchase days? With automated purchase orders integrated right into the inventory management system, NCR Counterpoint provides you an excellent operational system to automate new purchase orders and receive them directly on to different locations and warehouses right from your counterpoint interface. The experts at Counterpoint understand that your inventory proves to be the backbone of your business. Effective inventory management can not only help you control your costs but also provide minimized stockouts which in turn maximizes profitability. This is mainly why NCR Counterpoint provides a complete feature-packed inventory management system making it nothing but the best POS system for gift shops that you can get.

    The experts at NCR Counterpoint understand the depth of your gift shops operations including inventory management, warehouse management, and more, which is mainly why the NCR counterpoint offers one unique dashboard to manage all of your inventory in all of your warehouses and shop locations swiftly. These features make the NCR Counterpoint the most immaculate and complete gift shop POS system on the planet.

    Want to sell out a good number of products to your customers? NCR Counterpoint is the perfect point of sale system that you need. Easily group items together by item number, category, sub-category, or vendor and grant discounts based on quantity sold, retail value, weight, or volume. Mix and match pricing enables customers to purchase more affecting the buyer intent positively and increasing your average basket size. Mix and match pricing has an excellent effect on the overall business ROI on specific events with hot-selling products.

    Counterpoint also provides you the ability to sell bundle items effectively. Make excellent BOGO and twofer sales with the integrated bundling options allowing you to maximize your ROI on your inventory. All in all, the NCR counterpoint proves itself to be the best gift shop POS software that you could possibly find for your business.

    From gift shops in theme based attractions to hospital based gift shops, customer data plays a key role in creating results for the business. Our experts at NCR understand that the more you understand your customer, the more you understand exactly how your customer interacts with your business allowing you to make business-friendly decisions to increase customer loyalty and of course, the revenue for your business.

    NCR Counterpoint enables you to track detailed customer information including consumer contact information, important dates, previous sales history and more. Offer exclusive birthday discounts, anniversary discounts and more to loyal customers improving customer retention rate and overall business ROI. Counterpoint also allows you to make important upsells right at the counter with its dynamic customer display. Bid farewell to the bland thankyou screen at the customer checkout and say hello to custom graphics designed by the Customer Display Designer. Design attractive sales graphics tailored to the customer and/or a specific offer that you may be running. Attract customers instantaneously to make upsells directly at the checkout screen with BOGO offers, twofers and more.

    With the integrated email marketing features in the NCR counterpoint, target frequent customers with exclusive offers and discounts to promote brand awareness and customer loyalty. Additionally, NCR Counterpoint enables gift shop business owners to build custom loyalty programs within the pos software in merely a few taps. Reward customers with customer loyalty points that can be redeemed at incentives and future purchases. Create not one but multiple loyalty programs, each with custom rules to earn and redeem loyalty points. Go in-depth by specifying points earned on each sale item, points earned on the specific product, the detailed dollar value of each of the loyalty point (for discount conversions and more) and even the maximum loyalty points that can be obtained by a single customer.  The program additionally allows you to customize the points rewarding system based on a set of characteristics. These may include the item number, item category and more. These may even include the date, day of the week, and more. With the complete loyalty program functionalities offered by the NCR counterpoint, it stands out as a clear winner as the best POS software for gift shops.

    Purchasing and receiving are two primary areas of inventory management that go hand in hand to improve overall business revenue. With timely and cost-effective purchases, your business can effectively avoid overstocking and stockouts. With NCR Counterpoint’s integrated purchase management solutions, make purchasing as hassle-free as can be for your business.

    Manage a complete list of vendors swiftly with NCR Counterpoint’s integrated vendor management features including vendor shipping codes, contact information, vouchering details and more in just a few clicks. With additional features like customer specific purchasing and forecast driven replenishment, NCR Counterpoint drives and maintains your inventory levels critical to your long-term success. With an efficient system to manage vendor returns and a system flow of receiving goods, the NCR counterpoint is the most comprehensive point of sale system for your gift shop.

    NCR Counterpoint’s integrated reporting features provide you detailed access to over 40 different types of detailed reports. Counterpoint provides an improved interface to track inventory analysis, historical sales records, ticket history reports and more across all store locations to maximize your GMROI. Analyze dozens of historical sales with the powerful group sales analysis report. Choose from over 120 different grouping including item number, item category and more. Get your hands on the NCR Counterpoint today