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True point of sale features to drive your furniture and home decor business

Home decor and furniture retailers have specific POS requirements for tracking your products, orders, and customers. NCR Counterpoint is the most capable system for your retail management and operational needs.

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furniture store pos system
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Best POS Software for Furniture Stores

Retailers of the furniture industry manage a wide range of inventory while also facilitating customer service and deliveries.

With the styles of furniture rapidly changing season by season, only Counterpoint can effectively accommodate to the retailer’s need to track the ever-changing inventory stock, maintain accurate sales records, and manage multiple vendors.

Also, it is key to track customers past purchases, preferred style, and contact information to send out targeted campaigns.

System Features & Benefits

Point of Sale and eCommerce

Offer quick and efficient checkouts with customized invoices for your customers. Retain full sales history and view automated reports and accompanied analyses from real-time data.

eCommerce allows retailers to upload inventory and prices to online store and other marketplaces, while downloading online orders straight to the POS system.

Point of Sale Overview

eCommerce Overview

Inventory Management

Gain control of your inventory, reducing stock discrepancies and stock outs, while tracking movement. Counterpoint’s bundling capabilities to handle prices of furniture as individual pieces or as packages.

Automated purchasing calculates stock levels and creates PO’s to be sent to your vendors. Manage receiving and tagging any damaged goods directly from your POS terminal or back-office PC.

Inventory Management Overview

CRM, Marketing and Customer Loyalty

Counterpoint’s built in customer loyalty and email marketing programs allow you to remarket to your existing customer base. Use CP’s built in CRM to manage customer details and analyze store trends.

Customer Loyalty and Gift Cards

Sell your merchandise effortlessly

  • With a configurable touchscreen, you can tailor Counterpoint  POS to fit your business and streamline operations, minimize errors, and maximize profits. 

  • In addition, you can also capture and analyze data to respond to the diversity of stores based on demographics, climate, and geography.

  • Counterpoint can easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways – even on a single ticket.

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Sell with speed and accuracy

  • Counterpoint inventory solutions for home decor provide the functionality you need to allocate the right product and the right size to the right location.

  • Record everything you need to know about your home decor inventory. Track any item by color, sizes, fabrics, materials and accurately allocate to the right store.
  • Design labels with your logo, print beautiful tags and labels on demand.

  • Save time and import hundreds of products at once with the item import worksheet from the suppliers catalog.
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Discover new and valuable insights in your data

  • See today’s sales performance or take a look at the past years with historical data and analysis. 

  • Built-in reports make it easy to see sales, profits by items, category, customers, and suppliers, practically by any dimension you can imagine.

  • View, schedule, print, export, and e-mail any report. Create quick reports on the fly and save your filters for future reporting.

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Reduce stock overages and shortages with advanced purchasing

  • Manage vendor items, costs, and lead times. Automatically create purchase orders from preferred suppliers or the suppliers with the lowest costs.
  • Receive merchandise with or without a PO and automatically transfer the right quantities to other retail locations.

  • Create multi-store purchase orders – consolidated for all locations or separate for each store to save time and to receive volume discounts from suppliers.

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Protecting data by keeping it out of scope

  • ​With multiple security layers, NCR Secure Pay minimizes your risk for a credit card security breach.

  • NCR Secure Pay uses a process called tokenization to store a code, instead of storing sensitive credit card information in your store’s database.

  • The token allows authorized users access to transaction information as needed for returns and other operations while maintaining a protected system.

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Engage with customers better

  • Create detailed customer profiles with their contact information, shipping details, product preferences, purchase history and your own custom attributes.

  • Run unlimited loyalty programs, email marketing campaigns, and promotions.
  • Create custom menu buttons for top-selling items – speeding up the checkout experience for your staff and customers.

  • Offer layaways, special orders, store credit and gift cards, you save time and provide a better and more flexible customer experience.

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Multi locations software fit for your retail business

  • Centrally manage prices and products, stock levels, tax rates, customers, employees, and reporting across all your stores, and warehouses painlessly.

  • Manage inventory levels and pull up item lookup across all stores, and transfer products to other stores where they sell best.
  • Use a wide range of variables and filters to understand what is happening across all store locations, at any time. Identify problem areas that require immediate action or opportunities for growth.

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Business owners have great things to say about advanced reports and analytics

  • Insightful sales analysis report by customers, segments, products, departments, and lifetime value.
  • Robust merchandise analysis report helps to track inventory by top-selling and slow-moving, product returns, GMROI, and more.

  • Margin analysis and markup/down management worksheet
  • Inventory transfer analysis and replenishment worksheet

NCR Counterpoint Testimonials

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    Ideal POS System for Home Decor Stores

    Managing a furniture store has never been this convenient before but with NCR Counterpoint’s state-of-the-art retail management solutions you are always on track with no setbacks. Counterpoint’s cohesive system combines every aspect of retail as a whole with its unmatched data processing, customer profiling, product categorization, secure payment gateways and inventory management making the perfect point of sales system for furniture stores. While managing a well-running establishment such as a furniture store, things can often get out of hand but with Counterpoint’s omnichannel potential, you can expand your business across multiple dimensions without having to worry about any of the strategic aspects. NCR Counterpoint caters to your entire business with its remarkable business retail solutions making it your choice furniture store pos system

    Best POS System for Furniture Stores

    NCR Counterpoint is designed with precision to ensure that you never miss out on any of the benefits that it has to offer such as the real-time inventory management for furniture stores and active location tracking or the multi-dimensional management of assets from your physically situated stores to online eCommerce platforms. Counterpoint not only lets you manage all of it efficiently but also empowers you to get sales reports and employee performance stats on the go.

    Counterpoint is also heavily equipped to keep you always in touch with its latest information updates while also keeping your customers in the loop via promotional emails and targeted email-based marketing campaigns on each customer’s purchasing preferences.

    Counterpoint is renowned throughout the industry for its easy-to-use interface that can be mastered within a couple of minutes. If your furniture store consists of employees that work in shifts then you can train them by just taking out 20 minutes out of your time with our point of sales system for furniture stores. This not only makes the system less complicated for your workforce to use but also entails numerous benefits for the customers such as faster check-outs and easy upsells.

    Your customer would be a happy customer with Counterpoint’s Customer Profiling feature. The reason behind this feature’s success would be the seamless real-time processing and storage of valuable customer intel that can give you an overview of sales from your point of view and it can benefit the customer’s experience by taking care of their interests such as sending out automated promotions and loyalty discounts based on the frequency of their visits and purchasing history.

    With advanced customer profiling, Counterpoint also encourages your business’ well-being by tending to an in-built dashboard that harnesses all of the information regarding your customer to generate hundreds of variable sales and analytical reports. These reports can be filtered to assess the situation of the products being sold from the most to the least sold ones. With its custom reports, Counterpoint stands out as one of the most unique furniture store POS systems in the world.

    The benefits of these reports cannot be confined to one particular criteria as these reports can be utilized to prevent overstocking and get your business prepared for any high influx of sales for any forecasted item release or seasonal trends. e.g. the increase of leather recliners in winter, specifically during Christmas, as compared to its regular sales annually and it’s all time low in summer. You can get all of that generated by Counterpoint’s smart POS system for furniture stores with just the click of a button.

    With the ability to build dedicated customer profiles in Counterpoint by tracking various perimeters such as their average spending or purchase frequency can increase sales by suggesting related products during checkout. An ideal example can be that Sam purchased a 3-seater sofa set for his living room but it is missing one tiny yet essential piece to make it whole and that is a dedicated footstool that can be offered while checking out at a discounted rate if Sam is a loyalty program member or frequent customer

    For a furniture store, inventory is their first line of defense against every demand that their customers have. Counterpoint lets you get a grip on your inventory from the top to the bottom of the supply chain which means that you can independently place order requests from Counterpoint’s integrated retail solution and then know about the status of the items delivery from the vendor.

    Counterpoint also enables you to relocate or transport stock from one location to another such as the delivery of items from your warehouse to the store where it is to be sold. A common example of how it would occur could be that your stores can run out of the complementary cushions that were being offered with the 7-seater sofa but those cushions can be ordered from the back end directly to the warehouse. And from there on it would be dispatched to wherever it is needed.

    The formulation of a flexible inventory with Counterpoint includes the ability to be constantly aware of the whereabouts or availability of the item. With this approach, the delays in delivery can be minimized and the lesser the wait time, the more satisfied the customer is.

    Counterpoint is not only pro-active in analyzing sales but also an effective moderator of your stock as it can prepare you for seasonal outbursts as well as automatically replenish your inventory based on upcoming occasions that might cause a high volume of any particular product to be sold. This can be entirely variable but Counterpoint does a good job with managing numbers so you can never go wrong while its watching your back

    Being omnipresent is the key to success when it comes to modern business models and Counterpoint’s omnichannel POS system accomplishes just that for your furniture stores by letting you be the king of the hill from managing your sited stores to your personal eCommerce store on a single platform. This might not sound like much but considering the amount of work that it goes into running a furniture store can surely convince you to agree.

    Counterpoint houses Microsoft’s SQL server that is an intelligent solution that backs up all your data over the cloud but you might be wondering what if the system faces a connectivity issue? Counterpoint took this unfavorable setback into account and the data gets processed/stored locally till the connection is restored to synchronize it back. This way you lose none of your precious data and Counterpoint automatically pieces all your data back together without any instructions to be fed in manually.

    Counterpoint also focuses on different aspects to make your business comfortable in its own shoes such as providing the support for touchscreen compatible displays. Touchscreens are an invention of the modern era as majority of the millennials are more flexible working with touch screens as opposed to boring old buttons that don’t do much.

    Due to its automated and centralized nature, Counterpoint offers the best pricing solutions for your furniture store as you can set up a custom pricing plan for each of your stores and online website without having to go through the pain of individually assigning prices with variable taxes and other setbacks that can get confusing to keep track of.

    Counterpoint’s accounting is fortified with the ability to automatically determine taxation based on the tax code that has been provided. Tax exemption is also a viable option available if the necessary procedures are taken care of such as the provision of a tax exemption certification along with some other scenarios.

    Counterpoint takes pride in providing you top class customer security as well as your own with the reliability to seamlessly order items from vendors for your furniture store without any sort of security inclined hiccup is the way to go. Counterpoint serves the part for your business’ personal bodyguard by watching out for you in terms of data theft, hacking and other vulnerabilities that you can encounter while running a furniture store that’s completely online.

    Counterpoint also boasts its own credible payment gateway, NCR SecurePay that secures your transactions in real time. It is also equipped with EMV card readers for added functionality. This feature is reinforced with enterprise-grade security to make sure that your faithful customer’s information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Features like these make counterpoint the most secure point of sale system for your furniture store.

    One of the positive attributes of running an online retail management solution is that you are free to expand your business even beyond intangible mediums such as running it via an exclusive online store that augments the reach of your physical store. This not only brings you the exposure that your business needs but Counterpoint ensures that you and your customers get top priority service. After all, provision of quality Point of Sale solutions is what Counterpoint strives for.

    Counterpoint also provides you with the mobility to check out the stats or anything else for that matter on the go by offering mobility modules for iPad and other tablets.

    Counterpoint also keeps track of the performance and working hours of your employees on an individual basis by storing their clock-in and clock-out timings from each of the assigned workstations and counters in your store. This can also be monitored on the go for all of your stores on a single platform. For instance, Jack and Dorothy started working at your store just when you left for your vacations but you can keep a consistent check on their working hours and performance stats as freshies with reference to a sales report generated specifically for each of them in real-time

    CRMs can make your customer interactions much smoother as compared to a conventional POS system. Counterpoint knows just what you need that’s why it has come up with a flexible interface for its CRM that’s best suited for your furniture store. It features customizable fields for you to easily input data that’s necessary for your needs ranging from the customer’s name, phone number to date of birth and personal preferences.

    It is not limited to customer data as products are also allowed a gridded inventory system to input several different attributes that might be associated with the products such as a recliner can come with fabric lining as well as genuine leather, even leather can be of several kinds but Counterpoint takes care of all that information within the blink of an eye making it the perfect pos system for your furniture store.

    There is more than one way of gauging the functionality of a CRM and that includes the mobility that allows you to access all your customer and product data anywhere and on any platform since all of it is centrally managed by one server. Counterpoint can also be integrated into other CRMs that your furniture store might have been using previously as it is also compatible with one of the most popular CRMs out there that’s Salesforce. This not only makes your transition progress like a breeze but also prevents any previous data loss.

    Counterpoint is designed to make all the important decisions for you whenever the need arises. Operating your own eCommerce store can be a great achievement and perhaps a fresh revamp as you’re extending your business’ resources and acumen to a whole new world of possibilities as most of the furniture trade is conducted online these days. The orders are placed online and the furniture is delivered as per demands to the customer at their doorstep.

    Now all of this information might be hectic to go over but not for Counterpoint as your online store is directly integrated to the CRM with customers given the privilege to create an account and login with their own credentials to place orders anytime. You would receive the order requests and you can process them accordingly.

    NCR Counterpoint is the holy grail when it comes to accommodating your furniture store with the perfect POS system for your furniture store. It is backed up by a ton of features including color-coded product listings as well as custom built profiles for each satisfied customer that it helps you gain. While skimming through customer details, you can also get an insight of your store trends, latest arrivals, inventory and vendor updates and much more.

    All of the above is certainly not the last of Counterpoint’s functional side as there is a lot more that is in stored for your business ranging from automated email marketing campaigns to purchasing orders that are delivered to your vendors on the fly

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